13. An Interdisciplinary Examination of Children, Youth & Families

This focal study is designed for students who have an interest in children and families and will give them the opportunity to learn about this topic from a variety of disciplines and perspectives. This focal study would be particularly useful for those students who plan to have a career working with children, youth and families.

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

First Cluster (complete 3 courses)
EDUC 260 Foundations of Education    2 credits
EDUC 316    Child and Adolescent Literature  2 credits
HIST 435   1968: Youth and Social Change in World 4 credits
PSY 150  Introduction to Psychology    4 credits
PSY 240 Child Development  4 credits 
PSY 343   Adolescent Development 4 credits
SOC 101   Introduction to Sociology  4 credits
SOC 309/GSS 309   Families  4 credits
SOCWK 300   Micro Social Work Practice  4 credits