32. Identity and Power

This focal study encourages students to explore how various concepts of the self and group identity are related to political struggles, civil rights, freedom and social justice. Students will take a combination of classes that allow them to think about identity formation from multiple disciplinary perspectives and the implications of these differences for understanding power and freedom. 

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.


First Cluster (complete 3 courses)
BIOL 170   Human Genetics          4 credits
DS 200 Introduction to Disability Studies 2 credits
ENGL 223 Native American Literature 4 credits
FREN 320 Women's Writing in the Francophone World 4 credits
GSS 201  Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies 4 credits
HIST 232 The Holocaust 4 credits
HIST 245         Race in Modern America     4 credits    
HIST 246   American West: History, Memory, Pop Culture  2 credits
HIST 400 Medieval Women 4 credits
PHIL 202/PSJ 202  Ethics and Society 4 credits  
POLS 211/REL 211  Religion and Politics      4 credits
POLS 222/227           Civil Rights Movement    2-4 credits  
POLS/PSJ 321    Protest, Dissent and Social Change   4 credits
POLS 325     Constitutional Law   4 credits
PSY 261 Psychology of Gender    4 credits
PSY 308        Social Psychology      4 credits 
PSY 344 Socal and Personality Development 4 credits
SOC 101   Introduction to Sociology          4 credits
SOC 208  Race: Inequality and Identity   4 credits
SOC 217/GSS 217  Gender and Sexuality     4 credits
SOC 305 Racism and Ethnicity in Hawaii 2-4 credits
SOC 312   Social Interaction    4 credits
SOC 318 Racism and Ethnicity in Hawaii-Travel 2 credits
SOC 360 Critical Race Theory 4 credits