47. Nineteenth-Century Thought, History, and Culture

This focal study introduces students to elements of Nineteenth-Century thought, history and culture from the perspective of a variety of disciplines.

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.


First Cluster (complete 3 courses)
ARTHI 271  Western Art II : Renaissance-Present 4 credits
ARTHI 352 19th Century Art 4 credits
ENGL 421        The Romantic Period  4 credits
ENGL 422      The Victorian Period 4 credits   
ENGL 423  19th Century American Literature 4 credits  
GER 305 Music, Modernism, & Megalomania 2 credits
HIST 104 Western Civilization III 4 credits
HIST/GSS 247 Gender and Sexuality in Victorian America 4 credits  
HIST 246  American West  2 credits 
HIST 342 Civil War and Reconstruction  4 credits
MUS 101 Introduction to Classicial Music 4 credits 
PHIL 208  Late Modern Philosophy 4 credits
POLS 241  Latin America II: Independence-Present 4 credits