Focal Studies

A focal study is a set of related courses, usually three. Each student must complete two Focal Studies, and all courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better. All normal course prequisites apply.

To Start

Instructions for all Focal Studies
Keep in mind the following instructions for all focal studies


Focal Study Options

1. Teaching and Mentoring in the Languages
2. The Culture of Violence
3. Analysis of Creative Expressions

4. The Artist as Social Sculptor
5. The Ancient and Medieval Worlds     
6. Sustainability: Economic and Political Perspectives     
7. Political Economy      
8. Gender, Race and Global Inequality   
9. The Body and Society
10. Essential Business Skills for Everyone  

11. Communicating Research Outcomes
12. The Landscape of Self-Identity       
13. An Interdisciplinary Examination of Children, Youth and Families    
15. World Voices in Language Arts   
16. Expressive Arts    
17. Latin America and Caribbean Cultures   
18. Culture Counts 
19. Cross-Cultural Investigations  
20. Studies in Religion   
21. Natural Philosophy  
22. Science and Policy 

23. Political Philosophy and Law

26. The Creative Process    
27. Media Activism       
28. Design and Build        
29. The Educated Rabble-Rouser        
30. Individual, Health and Environment  
31. Media, Self and Society     
32. Identity and Power       
34. People, Planet, Profit      
35. Race, Protest and Culture       
37. Paradigm Shifts in Scientific Theory 
38. Environmental Stewardship    
40. Scientific Research Ethics      
41. Origins and Beginnings    
43. Science for Educators          
44. American Politics, Culture and Society    
46. The Science and Philosophy of the Mind           
47. Nineteenth-Century Thought, History and Culture   
48. Book Arts: Image, Text and Structure 

49. The Study Abroad Experience