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Learn more about our 2011 FYS faculty members and their interests:

FYS Faculty FYS Mentors

Pauline Beard

Professor of English

Krystal Chitwood

Literature, 2012

Alex Bove

Assistant Professor of English

Sean Mills

Politics & Government, 2012

Alyson Burns-Glover

Professor of Psychology

Jordan Wong

Social Work, 2012

Nancy Christoph

Associate Professor of Spanish

Jesse Campton

Anthropology/Sociology, 2012

Aaron Greer

Instructor of Sociology/Anthropology

Hillary Kirk

Social Work, 2012

Jennifer Hardacker

Assistant Professor of Film & Video

Anika Tobiason

Art, 2013

Ramona Ilea

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Priscilla Pitts

Philosophy, 2014

Dane Christian Joseph

Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Chris Mikulic

Psychology, 2013

Kyle Lang

Instructor of English

Mary Evans

Exercise Science, 2013

Larry Lipin

Professor of History

Gabe Corwin

Japanese, 2014

Jim Moore

Assistant Professor of Politics & Government

Mackenzie Schmitt

Politics & Government, 2012

Darlene Pagán

Associate Professor of English

Shelby Hoppe

Undecided, 2014

Colin Patrick

Instructor of Philosophy

Kiersten Iwai

Undecided, 2014

Jann Purdy

Assistant Professor of French

Korina Kaio-Maddox

Media-Journalism, 2012

Sruthi Rothenfluch

Instructor of Philosophy

Sam Ryals

International Studies, 2012

Lisa Szefel

Assistant Professor of History

Zachary Lang

Anthropology/Sociology, 2013

Rebecca Twist-Schweitzer

Assistant Professor of Art

Alexandria Nanneman

Creative Writing, 2013

Rich Van Buskirk

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Katie Castillo

Psychology, 2012

Lara Vesta

Assistant Professor of English

Vanita Carrillo-Rush

Literature, 2012

John Walker

Instructor of English

Stephanie Struble

Philosophy, 2012

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