Recent Graduates

NEW! Rachael Woody. Class of '05

Rachael was just recently hired as an Archivist for the Freer + Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, DC).  Visit the Freer + Sackler Galleries Online.


Jason Gaskill. Class of '98
Jason is an editor of the Journal of the Association for History and Computing and is in graduate school in New Zealand.  Read Thesis.


Nathan Stanley, Class of '97
Nathan's thesis has been used by the Canadian Military Academy for teaching the Korean War and has been selected by The Encyclopedia Brittanica as the best site for studying the Korean War. Nathan teaches high school in the Portland area. Read Thesis.


Jennifer Dock, Class of '96
Jennifer Dock was the Valedictorian for Pacific University's Graduating Class of 1996. Jen is currently working for the office of U.S. Senator Gordon Smith (Oregon).  Read Thesis.