Distinguished Senior Theses

Hanna Gramson, Class of 2013

The Science of the Séance: The Scientific theory of the Spiritualist Movement in

Victorian America (PDF)

Quinn Ramsay

The Orthodox Heresies: "Lollardy" and Medieval Culture

Samantha Willden, Class of 2012

By the Sweat of Your Brow: Regulation, Education, and Progress in Oregon Farming Society 1868-1888 (PDF)

Elyse Brouhard, Class of 2011

Contradiction in Terms: Nation States, Individual Rights and Refugee Policy

in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (PDF)

Andy Haugen, Class of 2011

Lee, Honor, and the Confederacy (PDF)

Jennifer Neal, Class of 2011

Visigoths and Romans: Integration and Ethnicity (PDF)

Max Price, Class of 2011

The Oregon Ku Klux Klan: A Failed Attempt at Creating a Homogenous State (PDF)


Reese Moriyama, Class of 2010
A Welcome Extinguished: Veterans Under the Shadow of the Gulf War Illness (PDF)

Chris Potter, Class of 2010
Great Britain's Motives in Jammu and Kashmir (PDF)

Elias Gilman, Class of 2009
Hic Sunt Glacierum:  Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and the Role of American

Cora Copelin, Class of 2009
A Crisis of Faith: The Western Schism and its Effect on the Lay Piety Movement (PDF)

Nikki Hurtado, Class of 2009
From Gradualism to Immediatism: William Lloyd Garrison's encounter with David Walker's Appeal (PDF)

Korvell Pyfrom, Class of 2009
Inner Wars: The Intra-Racial and Class Conflicts that Crippled the Garvey Movement in Jamaica and the United States (PDF)

Danielle Sabatka, Class of 2008
Robin Hood “Under the Greenwood Tree”: Peasants’ Revolt and the Making of a Medieval Legend (PDF)

Meredith Brynteson, Class of 2008
The Bermuda Conference: The Use of Refugees for Public Relations (PDF)

Lindsay Prescott, Class of 2007
Dadabhai Naoroji: India's Representative in Parliment (PDF)

Stephen Millett, Class of 2007
A New Virtue for a New Republic: Thomas Jefferson’s Embrace of Reason and Sentiment (PDF)

Clint Rodreick, Class of 2006
A Shared Vision and Joint Venture: Benjamin Rush, Richard Allen, and the Free Black Community of Philadelphia, 1787-1813 (PDF)

Christopher Connor, Class of 2006
The Emergence and Formation of the Second Estate as the Knightly Class in
France, 814-1230

Natilie Brewer, Class of 2006
Intervention?: British Politics and Basque Refugee Children During the Spanish Civil War

Leah Gottheiner, Class of 2005
You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee: The German-Jewish Refugees in Shanghai During the Second World War

Brian Chow, Class of 2005
"Asian American Activism and Interracial Involvement during the Era of Protest"

Zachary Strickland Johnson, Class of 2004
American Nature: The Great Forgetting

Lauren Quinsland, Class of 2004
Workers of the World, Subscribe! The American Federationist, the Oregon Labor Press, and the First World War

Jodi Buell, Class of 2004
Ratification of the Genocide Convention? The United States and the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

James Echert, Class of 2004
Lewis and Clark: an expedition of scientific origin

Annie McLain, Class of 2003
Unmasking the Oregon Klansman: The Ku Klux Klan in Astoria 1921-1925

Russ Getchell, Class of 2002
The Hidden Battles of the American Revolution

Phil Huhta, Class of 2000
Where Do the Roots of American Democracy Lie?

Isak Sexson, Class of 2000
Carolingian Propaganda: Kingship by the Hand of God (PDF)


Other Student Research & Work


J.C. Whitehead (seminar Paper)
Are the Democratic-Republicans the Legitimate Heirs of the American Revolutionary Experience?

Julie Holcomb. Class of '99
The Uppity Chicks of Herrick Hall