The coordinated studies in humanities (CSH) major is a unique program of study that allows students to custom design a major from the many academic opportunities in the Humanities Division. Like an honors program, the major is designed for high-achieving and self-directed students who want to pursue the in-depth study of a central concept through the synthesis of multiple perspectives and academic disciplines. Students must apply to be CSH majors by the end of their sophomore year.

Program Highlights

  • A self-designed major created through the combination of coursework in the humanities and arts with one's own personal interests, beliefs and experiences
  • A wide variety of subjects areas and courses
  • An independent, self-designed senior capstone project under the guidance of a faculty mentor
  • Access to art studios, computer labs, still and motion camera equipment

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David DeMoss, Director of the School of Arts & Humanities
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Windy Stein, Administrative Assistant
Office: Bates House, 106

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Students wishing to pursue the CSH major should contact the chair of the Humanities Division by the end of their sophomore year at the University to write a CSH proposal and plan the curriculum that will be used for the major. Courses are drawn from a range of departments including English, media arts, philosophy, music, theatre, art, world languages and literature and selected peace and social justice and gender and sexuality studies offerings. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply.