International Studies

The world into which our students graduate is one that is shaped by a commitment to internationalism by the United States and the interdependence of nations. The international studies major at Pacific University is designed for highly motivated students planning careers in law, diplomacy, education, international research or the global marketplace of business and economics.

The program meets the critical need for college graduates who are competent in world languages and who are familiar with world cultures. The increasing interdependence of nations around the world is reflected in a wide range of job opportunities in both government and in the private sector for graduates in international studies. Classroom theory is integrated with experimental learning opportunities. Students are able to help construct their major according to their professional goals. Their study will focus on one of four international areas: East Asia, Latin America, Western Europe or international policy. Many students of international studies combine this major with a major in world languages, business or cultural anthropology.

Program Highlights

  • Students focus on one of four international areas: East Asia, Latin America, Western Europe or international policy
  • International students (foreign nationals studying at Pacific on a student visa) may chose a fifth area, American studies
  • Study abroad required for at least one semester in a country related to the student's area of interest and language competence
  • Multicultural field experiences or relevant internships available


Each focus area provides majors with a multidisciplinary background in a language and culture area. Courses relevant to each focus area include language studies, history and culture, plus related courses in areas such as political science, psychology, science, humanities and research. International studies students will develop strong written and oral communication skills, they will complete an original senior thesis and they will learn to speak, read and write in a second or third language.

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