Short-Term Programs

Below is a list of anticipated programs set to run during the 2013-2014 academic year. Please note that this list is subject to change depending on student interest. Click on the course title to read a brief description about the course.


Winter 2014

Spring 2014

Course Location Course Location

Caribbean Culture


Trinidad & Tobago Companion Animal Science Utah

Drawing on Location

Hawai'i Travel in Italy Italy

India Travel Course

India Tropical Environmental Biology Belize

Navajo Service Learning


Seminar on Globalization



Theatre/Culture in London



Tropical Rainforest Biology


Costa Rica    



Winter 2014:

This course is comprised of several goals with the foremost being providing an international experience for students interested in anthropology, social work, politics, the arts, environmental issues, or other similar topic of research. Trinidad is a small, easily negotiated island where access to key people, organizations, and governmental institutions is much more open than many other places in the world. Students of this course will have a rare opportunity to engage with people and thus social/cultural processes not so easily accessed in our more bureaucratically complex system.  During the Fall term, students will develop specified learning goals they wish to research. Then, during Winter II, students will travel to Trinidad for two weeks to accomplish those goals.

Explore the island of O’ahu with Professor Anderson for two weeks this winter. Students will visually interpret a variety of beautiful sites using various techniques in pencil, pen and watercolor.


It’s not too late to sign up! This class is divided into two parts: a fall preparation section and a winter travel section.  You must register by fall to attend the winter course.  Students will volunteer by mentoring local school children and by chopping wood for families/individuals that need assistance in the community.   It also includes cultural experiences and excursions, such as ceremonies, hikes, and visits with Navajo families.

This is a multidisciplinary, two-week seminar is lead by the faculty of Egerton University, in Njoro Kenya. The Rift Valley region of Kenya offers an ideal place for Study Abroad in Africa. Sites of interest include nearby Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Parks, the virtual geological and archeological wonderland that is the Rift Valley, large tea, coffee and flower plantations. More important perhaps are the social institutions the region offers, including schools, social service agencies, environmental organizations and NGOs.


Come explore all this wonderful city has to offer, rich history, wonderful museums, fabulous theatre, and all the charms of a major European capitol city. We will see 4 exciting theatre plays in London's Famous West-End, and visit Stratford-upon-Avon the home of Shakespeare and the Royal Shakespeare Company, enjoy backstage tours, and still have time for your own explorations of these cities.


Other Winter Courses Planned:

Information on these coming soon!


Spring 2014:

Dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, pigs and parrots! Spend Spring Break at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary as part of a class that will use scientific principles to study issues such as puppy mills, feral cat colonies, expanded use of service animals, animal hoarding and breed-specific laws.

Explore the relationship between human beings and the semi-tropical environment of Belize.  Students will gain a hands-on appreciation for reef ecology along the barrier reef of Belize, confront the problems of reef conservation, as well as explore the historical relationship of the Maya peoples and the natural world.  Students take a preparatory class in the spring term and then the class spends ten days in Belize, during which time we will visit a number of ancient Maya sites, most notably the well-excavated Guatemalan site of Tikal, which possesses some of the best examples of highly developed Maya ceremonial architecture in all of Mesoamerica, and then spend six days snorkeling along the barrier reef of Belize, one of the most extensive reef systems in the world.


Other Spring Courses Planned:

Information on this coming soon!