Master of Social Work

Pacific University’s unique master of social work (MSW) program, which is offered at our Eugene campus, features educational experiences designed to prepare students to work as successful professionals in the social work field. Pacific’s MSW program enrolls our first group of students in the fall of 2014. We are on target to secure national accreditation status from the Council on Social Work Accreditation (CSWE). MSW program admission and curriculum requirements are consistent with MSW licensure requirements in the state of Oregon.

MSW Program Mission Statement

Pacific University’s MSW program offers an advanced degree based on the purpose of the social work profession, which is to promote human and community well-being. Guided by a person-in-environment construct, a global perspective, a respect for human diversity, and knowledge based on scientific inquiry, social work’s purpose is carried out through its quest for social and economic justice, the prevention of conditions that limit human rights, the elimination of poverty, and the enhancement of the quality of life for all persons.

Grounded in values and ethical principles of social work, the MSW program at Pacific University seeks to provide to the people of the Pacific Northwest culturally-competent, well-trained, professional generalist social workers with advanced training who have special preparation to work with immigrant and native Latino peoples, other persons of color, rural residents, children and older adults, among others.

The MSW program at Pacific University is built upon the values of service, social justice, the dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationships, integrity, competence, human rights, and scientific inquiry, which are among the core values of social work. These values underpin the explicit and implicit curriculum and frame the profession’s commitment to respect for all people and the quest for social and economic justice.