From the Director


Grounded in values and ethical principles of social work, the MSW program at Pacific University seeks to provide to the people of the Pacific Northwest culturally-competent, well-trained, professional generalist social workers who have special preparation to work with immigrant and native Latino peoples, other persons of color, rural residents, children and older adults, among others.

Please spread the word to potential students who would like to enroll in an MSW program with a robust and timely curriculum: We are opening for business in one of the most progressive (and picturesque) towns in the Pacific Northwest: Eugene, Ore. Application packets will be available via this website on or before Jan. 6, 2014. We will be accepting applications through April 1, 2014, for our inaugural class in September 2014.

And remember: It takes more than a good heart and a desire to help; to make a positive, lasting impact, a social worker must possess knowledge, skills and competencies. At Pacific, we provide our students with the tools they will need to become professional social workers. On behalf of our students, faculty, staff and administration, we are proud to accept applications for our MSW program. Together, we will do no less than create a better world.

Spencer J. Zeiger, MSW, PhD
Professor and MSW Program Director
Pacific University
Eugene, Oregon