Pacific University Concert Choir

Konstantin Kvach

The Pacific University Concert Choir is open to all University students regardless of their major.  A brief audition is required for admittance.  The Concert Choir performs on campus at the end of each semester.  This choir is designed to provide a large ensemble choral experience for students on multiple levels of vocal skill.  Students will learn basic vocal and choral techniques, including breath support, correct posture, diction, tone production, blend and balance. Additionally, basic musicianship and performance skills will be taught through the rehearsal and performance of a diverse selection of choral literature from a variety of historical periods, styles and cultures. Repeatable for credit. Fulfills large ensemble requirement. 0-1 credits.



For More Information on the Pacific University Concert Choir,
Please Contact:

Konstantin Kvach, Director
Department of Music
Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116