Sean O'Driscoll

Major: Philosophy and Business Administration
Graduated from Pacific: 1992
Current Occupation: Manage a team of Software Development Consultants for Microsoft Corporation
Contact Information: or 425-704-2483

Microsoft is well known as an agressive workplace with high expectations for individual contribution in addition to building teams focused on leveraging best practices. Heated debates about how to best approach both technical and business issues are a daily occurrence.

Individuals and teams must work synergistically to balance the needs of customers, business partners, other internal organizations, and the critical business metrics (sales, costs, investments, etc). Logic, critical thinking, ethics, and challenging basic assumptions are central to my career. Issue abstraction, or the ability to extract your personal beliefs or opinions about a topic, and look critically from another perspective is key to organizational success.

My time in the Philosophy department at Pacific empowered me with these tools. Critical Thinking taught me how to question and critique not only how I approach my job, but how to confidently challenge others whether they work for me or in dealing with senior executives at Microsoft.

I value the opportunity and encouragement I had to debate various ethical topics in an academic environment. These experiences led to better business planning and quicker "thinking on my feet" in my business career. I also appreciate the unique opportunity Pacific provided to craft a custom course in Business Ethics where I could work one on one with Dave Boersema on a set of objectives and topics for study. I don't believe any other University or Philosophy department would have stepped up to this challenge.