8th annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

April 2-3, 2004

Friday, April 2

6:00-7:00pm           Registration

7:00-8:00pm           Conference banquet

8:00-9:30pm           Keynote talk; Keith Lehrer (University of Arizona), "Consciousness and the Art World"

Saturday, April 3

7:30-8:30am          Registration (Marsh Hall, 2nd floor lobby)

7:30-8:30am           Breakfast (UCC Church)

8:30-10:00              Paper Session #1

  Political Philosophy (Marsh 201)

  • Angela Jordan (Pacific Lutheran University), "John Rawls and the Assumptions of Commonality"
  • Commentator: Sean Lindstone (Pacific University)
  • Scarlettah Shaefer (Gutenberg College), "The Apprenticeship of Liberty: Toward a Rehumanizing Definition of Freedom"
  • Commentator: Shane Gallagher (University of British Columbia)

  Skepticism (Marsh 206)

  • Patrick Edwards (University of British Columbia), "Assuming the Necessity of Assumptions"
  • Commentator: Andrew Moon (Ohio State University)
  • Daniel Hagen (Reed College), "A Contextualist Response to the Problem of External World Skepticism"
  • Commentator: Ginger Clausen (Lewis & Clark College)

  Richard Rorty (Marsh 207)

  • Anthony Pepitone (University of Portland), "Something in Between a Public and Private Writer"
  • Commentator: Luke Scripter (Bethel College)
  • Luke Scripter (Bethel College), "Pragmatism and Groundless Social Critique: Rorty and the Early Frankfort School on Philosophy's Place in Politics"
  • Commentator: Anthony Pepitone (University of Portland)

  Keith Lehrer (Marsh 212)

  • Craig Evans (California State University, Sacramento), "Refutation of Lehrer's Solution of the Gettier Problem: The Time Congruency Requirement for Justificaiton"
  • Commentator: Josh Johnston (University of Nevada, Reno)
  • Jason Sevensen (Okanagan University College), "Is This My Hand: Descartes, Kant, Wittgenstein, and Lehrer"
  • Commentator: Travis Eddy (Lewis & Clark College)

  Kiekegaard (Marsh 213)

  • John Gleaves (Carroll College), "Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard: Religious Belief and the Believer"
  • Commentator:
  • Brianne Riley (Lewis & Clark College), "Answering Kierkegaard: A Defense of Speculative Philosophy"
  • Commentator: Melody Herrick (Gutenberg College)

  Plato (Marsh 214)

  • Nathan Sherfinski (University of Portland), "Might Makes War"
  • Commentator: Daniel Sanderman (Lewis & Clark College)
  • Nathanael Vachlos (Seattle Pacific University), "Plato's Philosopher-King Paradox"
  • Commentator: Robert Wilsey (Pacific University)

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:45              Paper Session #2

  Political Philosophy (Marsh 201)

  • John Thrasher (University of Colorado), " On the Supposed Duty of Humanitarian Intervention"
  • Commentator: Andrew Swan (Willamette University)
  • Robert Wilsey (Pacific University), "Justice in the Balance: Power as Determinate of International Justice"
  • Commentator: Andrew Maggi (University of Portland)

  Ontology (Marsh 206)

  • Shieva Kleinschmidt (Western Washington University), "Some Things About Stuff"
  • Commentator: Daniel Hagen (Reed College)
  • Andrew Wake (Boise State University), "Arbitrariness and Supervaluationism"
  • Commentator:

  Heidegger (Marsh 207)

  • Aaron Hinkley (University of Nevada, Reno), "Heidegger and Scientific Realism"
  • Commentator: Brian Chow (Pacific University)
  • Dan Turner (University of California, Santa Cruz), "Heidegger and Nietzsche on Temporality"
  • Commentator: Clayton Shoppa (St. Edwards University)

  Free Will (Marsh 212)

  • Timothy Lenaghan (Connecticut College), "The Irreducible Free Will: O'Conner's Agent-Causation"
  • Commentator: Mahrad Almotahari (Reed College)
  • Luke McConnell (Whittier College), "How Can We Say That Free Will Exists"
  • Commentator: Jake Thomas (Lewis & Clark College)

  Nietzsche (Marsh 213)

  • Christopher Garrett (Willamette University), "The Style of Abraham"
  • Commentator: Brandon Damitz (Pacific University)
  • Greta Jaeger (Pacific Lutheran University), "The Future Philosophers' Uniqueness"
  • Commentator: Joshua Krakower (Willamette University)

  Metaphilosophy (Marsh 214)

  • John Hemmerich (Gutenberg College), "Open-Mindedness and the Committed Character of Belief"
  • Commentator: Colin Caret (San Jose State University)
  • Ryan Stoller (Gutenberg College), "World Power Structures and a Transcendent"
  • Commentator: Grant Silva (Chapman University)

11:45 -1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30              Paper Session #3

  Social Philosophy (Marsh 201)

  • Colinn Caret (San Jose State University), "Politics in the Classroom"
  • Commentator: Molly McDonnell (Pacific University)
  • Michael Scott Carroll (University of Redlands), "The Child Itself: Overpopulation, Neglect, and Responsibility"
  • Commentator: Ryan Stoller (Gutenberg College)

  Artificial Intelligence (Marsh 206)

  • Matthew Carlson (Oberlin College), "The Ghost is the Machine: A Defense of the Possibility of Artificial Intelligence"
  • Commentator: Adam Herr (Pacific University)
  • Trevor Kvaran (Northern Arizona University), "Wittgenstein and Artificial Intelligence"
  • Commentator: Joe Wilbur (Pacific University)

  Hobbes (Marsh 207)

  • Jasonn Fisette (George Washington University), "The Hobbesians Among Us"
  • Commentator: James Dabgotra (California State University, Pomona)
  • Nilofar Shidmehr (University of British Columbia), "Hobbes and Problems of Self-Preservation Ethics"
  • Commentator: Aaron Hinkley (University of Nevada, Reno)

  Wittgenstein (Marsh 212)

  • Travis Eddy (Lewis & Clark College), "Wittgenstein and Churchland: Can They Be Firends?"
  • Commentator: Jonathan Frost (Trinity University)
  • Daniel Sanderman (Lewis & Clark College), "Meaning 'Ain't in the Head,' But It Ain't in the Water, Either: A Wittgensteinian Response to Putnam's Externalism"
  • Commentator: Colin Stetter (Gutenberg College)

  Philosophy of Science (Marsh 213)

  • Thomas Cunningham (University of California, San Diego), "Kitcher's Misconception: A Defense of Contemporary Science"
  • Commentator: Jason Sevensen (Okanagan University College)
  • Matt Warren (Southern Illinois University), "How Moral Systems Evolved"
  • Commentator: Colin Stetter (Gutenberg College)

  Germann Idealism (Marsh 214)

  • Will Cowles (Lewis & Clark College), "In Defense of Shelling: Schelling's Conception of the Absolute Against the Dualism Objection"
  • Commentator:
  • Jake Thomas (Lewis & Clark Collge), "A Post-Kantian View of Hegel's Philosophy of History and Metaphysics"
  • Commentator: Cindee Habersat (Pacific University)

2:30-2:45 Break

2:45-5:00              Paper Session #4

  Consciousness and Mind (Marsh 201)

  • Mahrad Almotahari (Reed College), "A Defense of Psychophysical Emergentism"
  • Commentator: Thomas Cunningham (University of California, San Diego)
  • Joshua MacLeod (University of Utah), "The Myth of Consciousness"
  • Commentator: Adam Saab (Okanagan University College)
  • Clayton Shoppa (St. Edwards University), "The Dialectic of Human Concupiscence"
  • Commentator: Dave Walsh (Okanagan University College)

  Ethics (Marsh 206)

  • Jonathan Frost (Trinity University), "A Further Argument Against Temporal Neutrality"
  • Commentator: Ian Evans (Lewis & Clark College)
  • Jake Hays (Connecticut College), "Social Policy and the Problems of Identity"
  • Commentator: Michael Scott Carroll (Univeristy of Redlands)
  • David McPherson (Bethel College), "Derrida, Levinas, and the Other: Towards a Postmodern View of Ethics"
  • Commentator: Dan Turner (University of California, Santa Cruz)

  Philosophy of Religion (Marsh 207)

  • Andrew Moon (Ohio State University), "Time, Divine Eternity, and the Problem of Creation"
  • Commentator: John Fluvog (Pacific University)
  • Joshua Duclos (Connecticut College), "Freedom and Foreknowledge: Redescribing Divine Omniscience"
  • Commentator: Michel Curtis (Pacific University)
  • Jonathan Carraher (Gutenberg College), "On the Use of Language"
  • Rob Decou (Pacific University)

  Frege & Merleau-Ponty (Marsh 212)

  • Richard Ouimet (Okanagan University College), "Stainton Exposing Russell Using Frege"
  • Commentator: Andrew Wake (Boise State University)
  • Jason Jordan (Oregon State University), "Proving Reality by Inventing Ontology: A Thematic Analysis of Frege and Merleau- Ponty"
  • Commentator: Kieran Aarons (University of Oregon)
  • Matthew McAndrew (University of Portland), "Gender and Phenomenological Body"
  • Commentator: Trevor Kvaran (Northern Arizona University)

  Kant (Marsh 213)

  • Joshua Allen (Portland State University), "Inquiry on the Role of Interest in Kantian Ethics"
  • Commentator: Katie Dolphin (Pacific University)
  • James Dabgotra (California State University, Pomona), "Against Objective Values"
  • Commentator: Richard Dillard (Pacific University)
  • Brant Martin (Reed College), "Kantian Ethics and the Emotions as Moral Motives"
  • Commentator: Matt Warren (Southern Illinois University)

  Philosophical Methodology (Marsh 214)

  • Laurel Payne (George Fox University), "Opperian Falsification in the Natural and Social Sciences"
  • Commentator: Andrew Wallace (University of British Columbia)
  • Colin Stetter (Gutenberg College), "The Speculative Disconnect"
  • Commentator: Nathan Sherfinski (University of Portland)
  • Grant Silva (Chapman University), "Rethinking Philosophy: The Globalization of Thought"
  • Commentator: Anna Bjork (Pacific Lutheran University)




9th annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

April 1-2, 2005

Friday, April 1

5:00-6:30pm           Registration

6:30-8:00pm           Conference banquet

8:00-9:30pm           Keynote talk; Catherine Elgin (Harvard University), "Skepticism Aside"

Saturday, April 2

7:30-11:30am         Registration (Warner Hall, lobby)

7:30-8:30am           Breakfast (UCC Church)

8:30-10:00              Paper Session #1

  Aristotle (Carnegie 206)

  • Brendon Greeley (Trinity University), "Deliberating with Slaves "
  • Commentator: Michael Lewis (St. John's College)
  • Justin Tiemeyer (Grand Valley State University), "Can Ugly People Be Happy, Really?: Beauty and Happiness in Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics"
  • Commentator: Liz Loiselle (Pacific University)

  Bioethics (Carnegie 306)

  • Emma Kagel (Connecticut College), "Machines of Perfection: Prenatal Testing and Cultural Choices"
  • Commentator: Meghan Winsby (Okanagan University College)
  • Ololade Olakanmi (Grinnel College), "Defining Success: Assessing the Feasibility of Pig-to-Human Transplantation"
  • Commentator: Katie Dolphin (Pacific University)

  Rights (Warner 22)

  • Andrew Bailey (Biola University), "Recalibrating the Critical Power Objection: A Reply to Darby"
  • Commentator: Paul DiRado (Whitman College)
  • Shane Gallagher (University of British Columbia), "A Basis for Human Rights in Human Flourishing"
  • Commentator: Nate Jackson (Willamette University)

  East Meets West (Warner 28)

  • Dan Stephens (Grand Valley State University), "The Classical East and the Postmodern West: Toward Process Democracy"
  • Commentator: Devin Loree (Okanagan University College)

  Existentialism (Warner 28)

  • David Beaudreau (Boston College), "The Eternal Recurrence: Nietzsche's Overcoming of Pity"
  • Commentator: Kieren Kootchin (Okanagan University College)

  Epistemology (Walter Hall annex, Slagel Room)

  • Daniel Sanderman (Lewis & Clark College), "Our Visual Experience of the World Cannot Be a Grand Illusion"
  • Commentator: Tyler Hildebrand (Pacific Lutheran University)
  • David Sidi (University of Arizona), "Information Acquisition as Epistemic Norm"
  • Commentator: Richard Ouimet (Okanagan University College)

  Meaning of Life (Walter Hall annex, Meyer Room)

  • Sean Walsh (University of South Florida), "What It Means To Be an American: The Obligation Unto Death"
  • Commentator: Adam Saab (Okanagan University College)
  • Kelly White (Marylhurst University), "Faust's Dilemma, Modern Angst"
  • Commentator: Shana McAlexander (Pacific University)

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:45              Paper Session #2

  Hegel (Carnegie 206)

  • Sorhab Almahri (University of Washington), "Philosopher of the Negative"
  • Commentator: Art Chambers (University of Portland)
  • Will Cowles (Lewis & Clark College), "Beneath Dark Waters: Panentheism as Hegel's Loch Ness Monster"
  • Commentator: Jacob Mills (Portland State University)

  Philosophy of Science (Carnegie 306)

  • Yoichi Ishida (University of Nevada, Reno), "Universal Darwinism for Integrating Development and Evolution"
  • Commentator: Adam Herr (Pacific University)
  • Ryan Stoller (Gutenberg College), "Inside the Boa Constrictor: The Science Wars and Gould's Terms of Peace"
  • Commentator: David Walsh (Okanagan University College)

  Socrates (Warner 22)

  • Paul DiRado (Whitman College), "The Dual Character Hypothesis"
  • Commentator: Andrew Bailey (Biola University)
  • Catherine Liggett (Reed College), "A Gadfly in Plato's Republic"
  • Commentator: Kelsi Lesowski (Okanagan University College)

  Mind and World (Warner 28)

  • Travis Eddy (Lewis & Clark College), "Mental Kinds and Natural Kinds"
  • Commentator: Anthony Kulic (University of Victoria)
  • Robert Farley (Ursinus College), "Language, Representation, and Different Kinds of Minds"
  • Commentator: Ian Rasmussen (Lewis & Clark College)

    Heidegger (Walter Hall annex, Slagel Room)

  • Damon Amyx (Santa Clara University), "Deconstructing Nothing"
  • Commentator: Brianne Riley (Lewis & Clark College)
  • Jonathan Carraher (Gutenberg College), "Aletheia and The Intimacy of Being"
  • Commentator: Andrew Prevot (Colorado College)

  Philosophy of Language (Walter Hall annex, Meyer Room)

  • Alden Jarrett-Enns (University of Winnipeg), "The Marriage of Conception, Language and Truth"
  • Commentator: Mat Yunker (Willamette University)
  • Ryan Miglavs (Lewis & Clark College), "The House of Being and the Home of Existence"
  • Commentator: Emma Kagel (Connecticut Collge)

11:45-1:00 Lunch (UCC Church)

1:00-1:45              Paper Session #3

  Philosophy of Math (Carnegie 206)

  • Erik Cameron (Reed College), "Irreducibility and ante rem Mathematical Structures"
  • Commentator: Bryan Roberts (University of Washington)

  Philosophy of Time (Carnegie 306)

  • Craig Gonzales (Trinity University), "On Time Travel: Understanding Time and the Paradoxes Associated with Time Travel"
  • Commentator: Brian Chow (Pacific University)

  Philosophy of Law (Warner 22)

  • Adam Saab (Okanagan University College), "The Problem of the Grudge Informers"
  • Commentator: Clint Roderick (Pacific University)

  Islamic Philosophy (Warner 28)

  • Isaac Quinn DuPont (University of Victoria), "The Philosopher in Society: Hayy's Return to the Corporeal"
  • Commentator: Ryan Stoller (Gutenberg College)

    Kantian Aesthetics (Walter Hall annex, Slagel Room)

  • John Gleaves (Carroll College), "Kant's Ethics and Aesthetics"
  • Commentator: Timothy Nutter (Antioch College)

  Camus (Walter Hall annex, Meyer Room)

  • Chase Foreman (Hamline University), "Existential Ethics: Absurdity and Passion in the Work of Albert Camus"
  • Commentator: Marianne Scrivner (Gutenberg College)

1:45-2:00 Break

2:00-4:15              Paper Session #4

  Hegel (Carnegie 206)

  • Ginger Clausen (Lewis & Clark College), "No Transcendental Arguments for Hegel: Contra Taylor"
  • Commentator: Erik Cameron (Reed College)
  • Jacob Mills (Portland State University), "Hegelian Metaphysics of Epistemology and the Ideal System"
  • Commentator: Anthony Pepitone (University of Portland)
  • Anthony Pepitone (University of Portland), "Separating the Merely Philosophical from the Political"
  • Commentator: Will Cowles (Lewis & Clark College)

  Descartes (Carnegie 306)

  • Ryan Drevskracht (University of Washington), "Descartes' Two Ontologically Flawed Inferences"
  • Commentator: Brett Hilyer (Pacific University)
  • Ian Evans (Lewis & Clark Collge), "Descartes, Externalism, and Skepticism"
  • Commentator: Chase Foreman (Hamline University)
  • Marianne Scrivner (Gutenberg College), "Descartes' Imperfection of Understanding"
  • Commentator: Kylee Hartman (Reed College)

  Persons (Warner 22)

  • Timothy Nutter (Antioch College), "Knowledge of Natural Man in Rousseau (and How Kant Can Help)"
  • Commentator: Bryon Davies (Reed College)
  • Ian Rasmussen (Lewis & Clark College), "I Am Who I Say I Am: Reid and Identity Ascriptions"
  • Commentator: Timothy Quirk (Knox College)
  • Timothy Quirk (Knox College), "I, Human Organism"
  • Commentotor: Adam Smith (Gutenberg College)

  Plato (Warner 28)

  • Kylee Hartman (Reed College), "Plato's Timaeus and Time As Literally Coming To Be"
  • Commentator: Nuno Fernandes (Central Washington University)
  • Michael Lewis (St. John's College), "To Cease Understanding and Perceive: A Linguistic Prelude to a Mystical Reading of Plato"
  • Commentator: Catherine Liggett (Reed College)
  • Jennifer Roberts (Santa Clara University), On Calliclean Justice and Hedonism in Plato's Gorgias"

    Philosophy of Religion (Walter Hall annex, Slagel Room)

  • Ashley Koenen (Lewis & Clark College), "Fichte's Philosophy of Religion and Rejection of Theology"
  • Commentator: Ololade Olakanmi (Grinnell College)
  • Andrew Prevot (Colorado College), "The Tears of the Blind, the Fruits of the Desert: A Loving Response to Derrida's Deconstruction of 'Religion'"
  • Commentator: Samantha Osborne (Pacific University)

  Ethics and Responsibility (Walter Hall annex, Meyer Room)

  • Susanna Boxill (California State University, Chico), "Owls of Athena: Analysis of the Moral Responsibility of Intellectuals in Our Contemporary World"
  • Commentator: Scarlettah Schaefer (Gutenberg College)
  • Sue Cool (Marylhurst University), "In the Age of Violence and Vulnerability"
  • Commentator: Craig Gonzales (Trinity University)
  • Meghan Winsby (Okanagan University College), "Appropriate Deserts: Conceptual Analysis of Moral Desert and Responsibility"
  • Commentator: Shane Gallagher (University of British Columbia)

4:15-4:30 Break

4:30-6:00              Paper Session #5

  Science and Reference (Carnegie 206)

  • Bryan Roberts (University of Washington), "Does the Caloric Theory Refer?"
  • Commentator: Travis Eddy (Lewis & Clark College)
  • John Haven Spencer (University of Colorado), "Theorization and the 'w* Reading'"
  • Commentator: Daniel Hagen (Reed College)

  Postmodernism and Literature (Carnegie 306)

  • Bryon Davies (Reed College), "Work Versus Text, Philosophy Versus Literature: Where Both Goodman and Collingwood Got It Wrong"
  • Commentator: Joohn Gleaves (Carroll College)
  • Kate Ritchie (Lewis & Clark College), "Opening the Book: The Exemplified Literacy Theories of Deleuze and Guattari, and Sartre"
  • Commentator: Sorhab Ahmari (Univesity of Washington)

  Heidegger (Warner 22)

  • Kevin Collen (Syracuse University), "Actions and Possessions: A Critique and Interpretation of Ek-sistence"
  • Commentator: Neal Miller (University of Oregon)

  Physicalism (Warner 28)

  • Anthony Kulic (University of Victoria), "Physicalism and the Avowal of Propositional Attitudes"
  • Commentator: Ian Evans (Lewis & Clark College)
  • Robert Mallory (University of Missouri - Columbia), "How the Knowledge Argument Fails"
  • Commentator: Robert Farley (Ursinus College)

    Gender and Sexuality (Walter Hall annex, Slagel Room)

  • Nathan Sherfinski (University of Portland), "A Peek into Prostitution" [This paper runs from 3:30-4:15]
  • Commentator: Kate Ritchie (Lewis & Clark College)
  • Chelsea Egbert (University of Portland), "Women in the Military: Mysogyny in the Military Psychology"
  • Commentator: Michel Curtis (Pacific University)
  • Scarlettah Schaefer (Gutenberg College)
  • Commentator: Sue Cool (Marylhurst University)




10th annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

April 21-22, 2006

Friday, April 21

4:00-6:00pm           Registration

6:30-8:00pm           Conference banquet

8:00-9:30pm           Keynote talk; John Perry (Stanford University), "Who (or What) Am I?"

Saturday, April 22

7:30-9:00am           Registration (Marsh Hall, 2nd floor lobby)

8:00-9:00am           Breakfast (UCC Church)

8:30-10:00              Paper Session #1

  Rawls (Marsh 101)

  • Eugene Chan (University of Michigan), "Reworking Rawls’ ‘Justice as Fairness’"
  • Commentator: Preston Warner (University of Iowa)
  • Jeffrey Ewing (Eastern Washington University), "Rawls, Utility, and Identity"
  • Commentator: Lindsey Webb (Pacific Lutheran University)
  • Philosophy of Time (Marsh 106)

  • Victor Smith (University of Idaho), "Supplementing Dyke’s Defense of the New B-Theory of Time"
  • Commentator: Miriam Schoenfield (Brandeis University)
  • Shawn Standefer (Stanford University), "Horwich on McTaggart"
  • Commentator: Ian Evans (Lewis & Clark College)
  • Perception (Marsh 201

    • Trey Boone (Lewis & Clark College), "On the Ontological Status of Visible Figure in Thomas Reid’s Geometry of Visible

       Commentator: Adriana Kowal (Loyola University Chicago)

    Husserl/Heidegger (Marsh 206)

  • Laura Fisher (Linfield College), "I’m Bracketing Myself"
  • Commentator: Malcolm McCollum (Rice University)
  • Kelly Head (Seattle Pacific University), "The Problem of Peripheral Phenomena"
  • Commentator: Shana McAlexander (Pacific University)
  • Berkeley (Marsh 207)

    Jeremy Hoemsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan), "Perception Is Creation; Being Is Creation (Why Berkeley Could Have Agreed with Spinoza about God)"

    Commentator: David Wong (Simon Fraser University)

    Désirée Weber (Macalester College), "A Skeptical Look at Object Unity in Berkeley’s Three Dialogues"

  •   Commentator: Michelle Davis (Pacific University)

    Philosophy of Language (Marsh 212)

  • Casey Johnson (Connecticut College), "Temporary Language"
  • Commentator: Ryan Murphy (University of Oregon)
  • Ashley Koenen (Lewis & Clark College), "Thomas Reid’s Causal Theory of Reference: An Application to Saul Kripke’s Theory of Naming"
  • Commentator: Justin Humphreys (Reed College)
  • Moral Theory (Marsh 213)

  • Tyler Noonan (Lewis & Clark College), "An Error of Judgment: The Costs of Skeptical Theism"
  • Commentator: Ben Rohrs (Biola University)
  • Levente Szentkiralyi (Bowling Green State University), "Alfred Ayer and Ethical Theory: An Insight to the Defenseless Foundation of Morality"
  • Commentator: Scarlettah Schaefer (Gutenberg College)
  • Existence of God (Marsh 214)

  • James Flippin (Reed College), "For Verily There Are Gods: Problems in Epicurean Theology"
  • Commentator: Jordanna Lysis Freeman (University of Victoria)

10:15-12:30     Paper Session #2

    Philosophy of Religion (Marsh 101)

  • Darice Grass (Pacific Lutheran University), "The truth about Truth"
  • Commentator: Dustin Gault (University of Colorado)
  • Adam Park (Missouri State University), "The Paradox of Miracles"
  • Commentator: Darice Grass (Pacific Lutheran University)
  • Gustavo de L. T. Oliviera (New College of Florida), "On the Thomistic Solution to the Problem of Theological Determinism"
  • Commentator: Nat Tabris (Biola University)
  • Plantinga (Marsh 106)

  • Rob Byer (Fort Hays State University), "The Ontological Argument of the Existence of Arj: A Reductio"
  • Commentator: Cindee Habersat (Pacific University)
  • Ginger Clausen (Lewis & Clark College), "Uprooting Naturalism from Plantinga’s Garden"
  • Commentator: Joseph Garcia (University of Colorado)
  • Tyrel Mears (Lewis & Clark College), "Sympathy for the Fool"
  • Commentator: Jolie Colby (Humboldt State University)
  • Metaphysics (Marsh 201)

  • Rob Sullivan (University of California, Los Angeles), "Tension in Our Thought: Strawson on Universals"
  • Commentator: Kelly Johannon (George Fox University)
  • Nat Tabris (Biola University), "On What is Is: A Unified Account of Existence, Self-Identity, and Relational Identity"
  • Commentator: Nora Bunford (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)
  • Justin Tiemeyer (Grand Valley State University), "The First First Philosophy: Parmenides as the Father of Metaphysics"
  • Commentator: Jeffrey Ewing (Eastern Washington University)
  • Wittgenstein (Marsh 206)

  • John Gleaves (Carroll College), "Wittgenstein’s Aesthetics and Architecture"
  • Commentator: Diane Steinmeyer (Willamette University)
  • Derek Leben (University of California, Santa Cruz), "Describing Traditions of Normal Use"
  • Commentator: Jeremy Mann (Biola University)
  • Ryan Murphy (University of Oregon), "The Transcendental Ego and the Indeclinable ‘I’"
  • Commentator: John Gleaves (Carroll College)
  • Descartes (Marsh 207)

  • Katie Heyboer (Grand Valley State University), "The Impossibility of the Self-Sufficient Cartesian Mind"
  • Commentator: Brian Brim (Doane College)
  • Mark Makin (Biola University), "I Think I Am Confused: Descartes’ Inconsistent Conception of the Cogito"
  • Commentator: Adam Smith (Gutenberg College)
  • Heather Mills (Wheaton College), "Essence and Existence: A Critique of Descartes’ Concept of Necessity"
  • Commentator: Rebecca Basham-Sanchez (Pacific University)
  • Plato (Marsh 212)

  • Richard Aucoin (Dalhousie University), "The Platonic Code: An Analysis of Plato’s Cave"
  • Commentator: Samantha Osborne (Pacific University)
  • Katherine Ritchie (Lewis & Clark College), "The Philosopher Rulers: Perfectly Fallible Beings"
  • Commentator: Claudia Rojas (DePaul University)
  • Claudia Rojas (DePaul University), "Ti Esti Lethen?: An Examination of Forgetting in Plato’s Dialogues"
  • Commentator: Richard Aucoin (Dalhousie University)
  • Nietzsche (Marsh 213)

  • Joshua Wolak (Belmont University), "The Phenomenon of Forgetfulness: A Juxtaposition of Plato and Nietzsche"
  • Commentator: Paul DiRado (Whitman College)
  • Paul DiRado (Whitman College), "Self-Deception and Nietzsche’s Three Metamorphoses"
  • Commentator: Justin Tiemeyer (Grand Valley State University)
  • Matthew McCown (New College of Florida), "On the Unity of Aesthetic Experience"
  • Commentator: Rob Sullivan (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • Aristotle (Marsh 214)

  • Jodi Geever (University of South Florida), "The Ethics of Friendship"
  • Commentator: James Flippin (Reed College)
  • Justin Humphreys (Reed College), "Aristotle on Human Nature"
  • Commentator: Caitlin Hofmeister (Linfield College)
  • Kyle Jackson (University of Victoria), "The Incoherence of the Common Sense"
  • Commentator: Will Leonard (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

12:30-2:00          Lunch

2:00-3:30            Paper Session #3

    Philosophy of Technology (Marsh 101)

  • Stephen Horowitz (Temple University), "The Political State of Cyberspace"
  • Commentator: Adam Herr (Pacific University)
  • Phillip John Torres (University of Maryland), "On Geneology of Technology"
  • Commentator: Ben Creasy (Pacific University)
  • Sartre (Marsh 106)

  • Dustin Gault (University of Colorado), "Jean-Paul Sartre and Freedom: An Attempt at a Sartrean Ethics in Regards to the Anti- Semite, the Sexist, the Fanatic and the Racist"
  • Commentator: Casey Johnson (Connecticut College)
  • Adriana Kowal (Loyola University Chicago), "The Turmoil of Emotion"
  • Commentator: Michael Morales (New Mexico State University)
  • Social/Political Philosophy (Marsh 201)

  • Brian Brim (Doane College), "Direct Action over Bureaucracy: Toward Social Cohesion"
  • Commentator: Désirée Weber (Macalester College)
  • Will Leonard (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "The Irrational Vote: Uncovering Structural Weakness in the Foundations of Democratic Theory"
  • Commentator: Gustavo de L. T. Oliviera (New College of Florida)
  • Kant/Hegel (Marsh 206)

  • Devlin Russell (Simon Fraser University), "On the Arbitrariness of Rational Nature: A Response to Donald Regan’s Objections to Kantianism"
  • Commentator: Corey Sawkins (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
  • Malcolm McCollum (Rice University), "How Hegel Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Thing-in-Itself"
  • Commentator: Joshua Wolak (Belmont University)
  • Euthanasia (Marsh 207)

  • Nora Bunford (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale), "Persons and Rights - the Permissibility of Euthanasia"
  • Commentator: Christopher Jackson (Princeton University

    Nietzsche (Marsh 213)

  • Caitlin Hofmeister (Linfield College), "What If...Dostoevsky’s Underground Man Had A Therapy Session with Kierkegaard and Nietzsche?"
  • Commentator: Will Cowles (Lewis & Clark College)
  • Will Cowles (Lewis & Clark College), "Nietzsche’s Concept of Human Nature: A Philosophical-Textual Interpretation"
  • Commentator: Matthew McCown (New College of Florida)
  • Autonomy/Punishment (Marsh 214)

  • Whitney Trettien (Hood College), "Kant’s Invention of Autonomy: Misconstruing Evil and the Individual"
  • Commentator: Jake Marberger (Pacific University)
  • Joseph Garcia (University of Colorado), "Hampton’s Moral Education Theory of Punishment: A Critical Investigation"
  • Commentator: Clint Rodreick (Pacific University)

3:45-5:15         Paper Session #4

    Physicalism (Marsh 101)

  • Tyler Hildebrand (Pacific Lutheran University), "Physicalism, Dualism, and Free Will"
  • Commentator: Will Leonard (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Miriam Schoenfield (Brandeis University), "Possibilities for a Kripkean Dualist"
  • Commentator: Mark Makin (Biola University)
  • National Philosophies (Marsh 106)

  • Lindsey Webb (Pacific Lutheran University), "Autonomy, Anarchy, and the Development of Namibia"
  • Commentator: Devlin Russell (Simon Fraser University)
  • David Wong (Simon Fraser University), "Searching for a Canadian Philosophy: Hegelianism, Canada, and Rationalistic Pluralism"
  • Commentator: Jeremy Hoemsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
  • Intentions (Marsh 201)

  • Jennifer Giesselmann (Azusa Pacific University), "Williams, Scanlon, and Reasons for Action"
  • Commentator: Preston Werner (University of Iowa)
  • Jeremy Mann (Biola University), "Abelardian Intentionalism: Questions and Answers Regarding Moral Luck"
  • Commentator: Amie Platt (Willamette University)
  • Race/Gender (Marsh 206)

  • Jolie Colby (Humboldt State University), "Powerless Conscience vs. Conscienceless Power: A Reaction to Tradition"
  • Commentator: Katie Dolphin (Pacific University)
  • Michael Morales (New Mexico State University), "Implicit Sexism in Marxist Theory"
  • Commentator: Deeksha Sivakumar (Linfield College)
  • Philosophy and Psychology (Marsh 212)

  • Kevin Bleich (Central Washington University), "Everydayness for Everyday People: A Look at the Inherent Benefits of Phenomenological Psychology"
  • Commentator: Paul DiRado (Whitman College)
  • Michael Shindler (University of Victoria), "Psychology and Virtue in Al-Ghazali’s Ethics"
  • Commentator: Kelsey Lyle (Linfield College)
  • Moral Theory (Marsh 213)

  • Jordanna Lysis Freeman (University of Victoria), "Al-Ghazali’s Ethics in Theory and Practice: A Consideration of Unity and Directness, and an Account of Scepticism"
  • Commentator: Robin Cangie (Linfield College)
  • Preston Werner (University of Iowa), "Emotivism and Empathy"
  • Commentator: Jennifer Giesselmann (Azusa Pacific University)
  • (In)compatibalism (Marsh 214)

  • Michael Hannon (York University), "The Search for Conscious Will"
  • Commentator: Kelsi Lesowski (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
  • Christopher Jackson (Princeton University), "Towards a New Compatibalism"
  • Commentator: Tyler Noonan (Lewis & Clark College)




11th annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
April 20-21, 2007

Friday, April 20 (All Friday events in the United Church of Christ next to Pacific's campus)

  • 4:00-6:00pm Registration
  • 5:00-6:00pm Keynote talk; Hubert Dreyfus (UC Berkeley) "Are Men More Moral than Women: Habermas and Gilligan on Moral Maturity"
  • 6:30-8:00pm Conference banquet

Saturday, April 21 (Registration and all paper sessions in Marsh Hall; meals are in the UCC church)

  • 7:30-9:30am Regristration (Marsh second floor lobby)
  • 7:00-8:00am Breakfast (UCC Church)
  • 8:00-9:30 Paper Session #1
    • PLATO (Marsh LL5)
      • Ethan Knecht (Fordham University), "Plato and Pleasure: An argument against the hedonist calculus view"
      • Commentator: Corey Sawkins (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
      • Paul Morrow (Miami University of Ohio), "Aporetically Ever After"
      • Commentator: Adam Westra (University of British Columbia)
      • Josh Dhanens (California State University, Bakersfield), "Corroboration and Its Practical Application"
      • Commentator: Erica Shumener (New York University)
      • Stephen Foster (Southwestern University), "Conceiving of Distance: Intersection of Metaphysics and Epistemology"
      • Commentator:
    • AESTHETICS (Marsh 106)
      • Amanda Chan (University of Washington), "An Account of Film Narration Through Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window"
      • Commentator: Dean Croshere (Pacific University)
    • ASIAN PHILOSOPHY (Marsh 201)
      • Daniel Brooks (Boston University), "Foundationalism as Platonism: An interpretation of Svatantrika-Madhyamaka Philosophy"
      • Commentator: DeAnn Gerlick (Washington State University)
      • Patrick Lummen (Grand Valley State University), "Social Engagement from a Buddhist Perspective: Oxymoron or compassionate development?"
      • Commentator: Timothy Johnston (Loyola University Chicago)
    • PERSONS (Marsh 206)
      • Lindsey Webb (Pacific Lutheran University), "The Capabilities Approach, Nonhuman Animals, and the Possibilites for Biomedical Research"
      • Commentator: Laura Guidry-Grimes (Florida State University)
      • Sarah Cadigan (St. Michael's College), "The Rights and Value of People with Disabilities: A look at Peter Singer's philosophy in Taking Lives and Related Ideas about the Humanness of Disabled Persons"
      • Commentator: Lindsey Webb (Pacific Lutheran University)
      • Adam Adler (Georgia State University), "Reconcilable Differences: Interplay between religion, ethics and law"
      • Commentator: Ryan Jenkins (Florida State University)
      • Arianna Beck (University of Washington), "A Responsibilities-based Account of Family"
      • Commentator:
    • PHILOSOPHY OF MIND (Marsh 212)
      • Kendra Besanger (University of Victoria), "An Examination of Subjectivity: Why can't science find it? But if it is found, will it matter?"
      • Commentator:
      • Jonathan Knaup (California State University, Fullerton), "Theism's Causal Defense"
      • Commentator: Jean Laschever (Pacific University)
    • EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 213)
      • Trey Boone (Lewis & Clark College), "Justification: A post hoc evaluation?"
      • Commentator: Ben Rohrs (Biola University)
      • Devin Chalmers (Reed College), "Coherence and Skepticism"
      • Commentator: Ben Creasy (Pacific University)
    • ARISTOTLE (Marsh 214)
      • Allison Glasscock (Western Oregon University), "The Implicit Mean: A search for an accurate account of the soul"
      • Commentator: Jason Warren (Boise State University)
      • Benjamin Hole IV (Lewis & Clark College), "Should Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean Be Thought of in Terms of Quantity?: Reflections on Curzer's quantitative interpretation"
      • Commentator: Kristin Williams (Reed College)
  • 9:45-11:15 Paper Session #2
    • PLATO (Marsh LL5)
      • Robert Reed (Baylor University), "Concerning Noble Lies and Noble Savages"
      • Commentator: Christopher Taylor (Texas A&M University)
      • Diane Steinmeyer (Willamette University), "The Puzzle of False Belief in Plato's Theaetatus"
      • Commentator: Jeffrey Breitenfeldt (Pacific University)
      • Phillip Torres (University of Maryland), "Darden, Kuhn, and Mendelism"
      • Commentator: Amanda Lamb (Lewis & Clark College)
      • Joshua Earlenbaugh (University of Missouri-Kansas City), "Scientific Theories are Really More Than Instruments"
      • Commentator: Roger Hunt (Montana State University)
    • AESTHETICS (Marsh 106)
      • Everett Kramer (University of Michigan), "Opaque Shadows: On the transparency of photographs and film"
      • Commentator: Amanda Chan (University of Washington)
      • Bryan Norwood (Mississippi State University) "Empiricism and Rationalism Resolved by Architecture?: Locke and Descartes reexamined through the architectural theory of Claude Perrault"
      • Commentator: Ivan Heyman (University of Washington)
    • ASIAN PHILOSOPHY (Marsh 201)
      • Timothy Johnston (Loyola University Chicago), "Dao and Difference: Understanding the Path-Making of Harmony"
      • Commentator: Brad Grenz (Willamette University)
      • Aaron Pratt (Pacific University), "'There Is No Spoon': Discovering the supreme reality within"
      • Commentator: Patrick Lummen (Grand Valley State University)
    • PERSONS (Marsh 206)
      • Waylon Bryson (Washington State University), "The Fetus is Trapped in a Metaphysical No-Man's-Land"
      • Commentator: Megan Banks (Pacific Lutheran University)
      • Luis Montes (Azusa Pacific University), "Identity Loosely Construed"
      • Commentator: Katharine Schweitzer (Miami University of Ohio)
      • Jeffrey Ewing (Eastern Washington University), "On the Right to Welfare"
      • Commentator: Keith Hankins (Brown University)
      • Melissa Ruhl (University of Oregon), "The Child Laborer"
      • Commentator: Asia Ferrin (Westminster College)
    • PHILOSOPHY OF MIND(Marsh 212)
      • Laura Guidry-Grimes (Florida State University), "Exploring Objective and Normative Conceptions of 'Psychological Malady'"
      • Commentator: Aaron Timm (Western Oregon University)
      • Erica Shumener (New York University), "Can Non-Reductive Materialism Escape the Jaws of Epiphenomenalism?"
      • Commentator: Mike Oliver (California State University, Fresno)
    • EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 213)
      • Errol Lord (Arizona State University), "Common Sense, Reliability, and Luminosity in Williamson's Anti-Luminosity Argument"
      • Commentator:
    • ARISTOTLE (Marsh 214)
      • Jason Warren (Boise State University), "Catharsis and Stand-Up Comedy"
      • Commentator: Ben Hole IV (Lewis & Clark College)
      • Mat Yunker (Willamette University), "Virtue, Eudaimonia, and the Epistemic Problem in the Nicomachean Ethics"
      • Commentator: Megan Henricks (Denison University)
  • 11:30-1:00 Paper Session #3
    • PLATO (Marsh LL5)
      • Adam Westra (University of British Columbia), "Man, Paradox, Myth: Plato's Philosophical Pedagogy"
      • Commentator: Beata Bujalski (California State University, Fullerton)
      • Julian Gonzalez (St. Edward's University), "Implications of Philosophical Discourse Being Mimetic: An argument of The Phaedrus and Jacques Derrida"
      • Commentator: Peter Van Elswyk (Biola University)
      • Liron Greenstein (Rutgers University), "Who Can't You Trust: The possibility of justifying trust between scientists"
      • Commentator: Joshua Earlenbaugh (University of Missouri - Kansas City)
      • Roger Hunt (Montana State University), "Socially Dependent Science"
      • Commentator: Mat Yunker (Willamette University)
    • AESTHETICS (Marsh 106)
      • Alec Rosekrans (University of California, Berkeley), "Not Just a Matter of Taste: 'Pure aestehtics' as mass deception"
      • Commentator: Everett Kramer (University of Michigan)
      • Chris Scott (University of Portland), "Clear Channel, The Corporate Music Industry, Marx, and Exploitation of the Musician"
      • Commentator: Melissa Ruhl (University of Oregon)
    • HEIDEGGER (Marsh 201)
      • Eli Ashe (University of Washington), "Ontology : Essay I"
      • Commentator: Justin Sanders (Central Washington University)
      • Matt Bower (Beloit College), "Heidegger on Descartes' Worldless Subject"
      • Commentator: Paul Morrow (Miami University of Ohio)
    • KIERKEGAARD (Marsh 206)
      • Nikolas Djordjevski (Humboldt State University), "A Meaningful Existence"
      • Commentator: Josh Dhanens (California State University, Bakersfield)
      • Jacob Swenson (Willamette University), "Authenticity and Commitment"
      • Commentator:
      • Chalres Montgomery (Willamette University), "Wittgenstein on Private Language"
      • Commentator: Leonard Randall (Northwest University)
    • PHILOSOPHY OF MIND (Marsh 212)
      • Andrew Wong (Washington University), "Does Anomolous Monism Have Explanatory Force?"
      • Commentator: Trey Boone (Lewis & Clark College)
    • EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 213)
      • Ben Rohrs (Biola University), "Skeptical Theism Without Moral Skepticism: A comment on the exchange between Almeida-Oppy and Bergmann-Rae"
      • Commentator: Arianna Beck (University of Washington)
      • Kate Ritchie (Lewis & Clark College), "Saliency, Closure, and Contextualism"
      • Commentator: Errol Lord (Arizona State University)
      • Nick Fortier (Northeastern University), "The Question Concerning Technology, Revisited"
      • Commentator: Brian Rochel (Hamline University)
      • Brian Rochel (Hamline University), "No End in Sight: Dewey and Heidegger on Science and Technology"
      • Commentator: Daniel Brooks (Boston University)
  • 1:00-2:15 Lunch (UCC Church)
  • 2:15-3:45 Paper Session #4
    • FREE WILL (Marsh LL5)
      • Daniel Moak (Willamette University), "Libertarian Freedom and the Problem of Ownership"
      • Commentator: Billl Campbell (Pacific University)
      • Leonard Randall (Northwest University), "Intentional Decision-Making: Addressing Problems Raised in John Searle's Account of Physical Determinism and the Experience of Freedom"
      • Commentator: Bryon Norwood (Mississippi State University)
    • HEGEL (Marsh 101)
      • Chelsea Egbert (University of Portland), "Feminist Critiques of Hegel and Marx: Difference and Humanity"
      • Commentator: Jessica Bowen (Thompson Rivers University)
      • Megan Henricks (Denison University), "Explaining Change: An Analysis of the Hegelian Dialectic"
      • Commentator: Ted Pennings III (University of California, Santa Cruz)
    • HUME (Marsh 106)
      • Melissa Schumacher (North Carolina State University), "Saints and Sensibility: Hume on the Irrationality of Religious Belief"
      • Commentator: Saurabh Varma (Amherst College)
    • HEIDEGGER (Marsh 201)
      • Justin Sanders (Central Washington University), "Forgetful Metaphysics"
      • Commentator: Dan Briggs (Bennington College)
      • Wendy Salkin (New York University), "A Discussion of the Relationship Between Spatiality and Angst in Being and Time"
      • Commentator: Dan Briggs (Bennington College)
    • NIETZSCHE (Marsh 206)
      • Christopher Paul Graves (University of Houston), "Beyond Consciousness: Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche on Unconscious Psychic Life"
      • Commentator: Ronald Baumiller (Duquesne University)
      • Warren Hynson (North Carolina State University), "Nietzsche: Overman and the Christian"
      • Commentator: Eli Ashe (University of Washington)
      • Lindita Çiko (Boston University), "The Suprahistorical in Nietzsche's "On the Uses and Disadvantages of History for Life"
      • Commentator: Waylon Bryson (Washington State University)
      • Michael Hannon (York University), "History and Conjecture: Humboldt and the 'Correspondence -Coherence Theory of History'"
      • Commentator: Frank Capeta (George Fox University)
      • Jessica Bowen (Thompson Rivers University), "Jones' Theory of Moral Responsibility: An assessment of duty, responsibility, and character"
      • Commentator: Asia Ferrin (Westminster College)
    • EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 213)
      • Saurubh Varma (Amherst College), "Defending Descartes and Attacking Moore"
      • Commentator: Matt Bower (Beloit College)
      • Daniel Catlin (Kalamazoo College), "Living the Meliorative Project"
      • Commentator: Diane Steinmeyer (Willamette University)
    • ETHICS (Marsh 214)
      • Jeffrey Bilbro (George Fox University), "Answers in Community"
      • Commentator: Matt Trotter (Pacific University)
      • Noah Fonosch (University of California, Riverside), "The Meaning of Life: An introspective look between subjective and objective views"
      • Commentator: Elliot Smith (Lewis & Clark College)
  • 4:00-6:15 Paper Session #5
      • Ronald Baumiller (Duquesne University), "Similacra and Eidola: A comparative essay on the metaphysical ramifications of images"
      • Commentator: Kendra Besanger (University of Victoria)
      • Jeffrey Breitenfeldt (Pacific University), "(Re)constructing Derrida and Baudrillard through Platonic Epistemology"
      • Commentator: Joe Balay (Seattle University)
      • Dan Briggs (Bennington College), "Indebtedness and the Possibility of the Gift"
      • Commentator: Gina Altamura (Lewis & Clark College)
    • KANT (Marsh 101)
      • Ginamarie Lopez (University of California, Berkeley), "Reading Kant in Light of Hegel: Reading Beyond the Particulars"
      • Commentator: Jacob Swenson (Willamette University)
      • Mike Oliver (University of California, Fresno), "Kantian Notions and Inferentialist Semantics"
      • Commentator: Eli Ashe (University of Washington)
      • Christopher Taylor (Texas A&M University), "A Critique of Judgment in Electronic Aesthetics"
      • Commentator: Corey Sawkins (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)
      • Beata Bujalska (California State University, Fullerton), "Mindreading and Autism"
      • Commentator: KathyMae Dickinson (Central Washington University)
      • Justine Calcagno (University of Oregon), "The Primacy of Relation"
      • Commentator: Rebecca Basham-Sanchez (Pacific University)
      • Ryan Jenkins (Florida State University), "The Experience Machine: Pickup Sticks and Poetry"
      • Commentator: Michael Russo (Pacific University)
    • METAPHILOSOPHY (Marsh 201)
      • Keith Hankins (Brown University), "Restoring Faith in the Enlightenment Project: Defending Liberalism and the Enlightenment Moral Project from MacIntyre's Critique"
      • Commentator: Jeffrey Ewing (Eastern Washington University)
      • Ted Pennings III (University of California, Santa Cruz), "Reading Frege/Hegel in Analytic/ Continental"
      • Commentator: Matt Braich (Lewis & Clark College)
      • Rommel Wells (Miami University of Ohio), "Lebenswelt and Lebensformen: The diasporic connection to home in Husserl and Wittgenstein"
      • Commentator:
    • ETHICS (Marsh 206)
      • Adrienne Carpenter (St. Edward's University), "The Worlds of Medical Science, Morbid Phenomenon, and Clinical Interactions: How the bio-statistical theory precludes nuanced understanding and pragmatic treatment"
      • Commentator: Liz Loiselle (Pacific University)
      • Kristin Williams (Reed College), "Moving Away from Bad Examples"
      • Commentator: Wendy Salkin (New York University)
    • GöDEL (Marsh 207)
      • Corey Sawkins (University of British Columbia, Okanagan), "Gödel's Theorems: The philosophical implications"
      • Commentator: Melissa Schumacher (North Carolina State University)
      • Asia Ferrin (Westminster College), "T-shirts and Hamburgers: Our moral obligation to stop affluent consumption"
      • Commentator: Mike Reynolds (Ball State University)
      • Daniel Moose (University of Arkansas), "A Theory of Moral Responsibility: An exploration of guidance control and the principle of alternate possibilities"
      • Commentator: Ethan Knecht (Fordham University)
      • Mike Reynolds (Ball State University), "Responsibility"
      • Commentator: Jeffrey Bilbro (George Fox University)
    • EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 213)
      • Amanda Lamb (Lewis & Clark College), "To Infinity and Beyond: The problems with Klein's infinitism"
      • Commentator:
      • Nic Koziolek (Colgate University), "Justification and Objectivity: An essay on the sources of skepticism"
      • Commentator: Devin Chalmers (Reed College)
      • Matt Harte (Kalamazoo College), "Alternate Deontological Theories of Justification and Epistemic Self-Improvment"
      • Commentator: Robert Reed (Baylor University)
    • PHENOMENOLOGY (Marsh 214)
      • Katharine Schweitzer (Miami University of Ohio), "A Place for Hope in Husserl's Phenomenology of Wishing and Willing"
      • Commentator: David Corse (Portland State University)
      • Sarah Morales (University of Michigan, Dearborn), "Sartre on 'Bad Faith'"
      • Commentator: Lindita Çiko (Boston University)
      • KathyMae Dickinson (Central Washington University), "What Kind of Being Am I?"
      • Commentator: Nick Fortier (Northeastern University)



      12th annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
      April 18-19, 2008

      Friday, April 18 (All Friday events in the UCC church, next to Pacific's campus, on the corner of College Way and 21st Avenue)
      4:00-6:00pm Registration
      6:30-8:00pm Conference banquet
      8:00-9:30pm Keynote talk; Jerry Fodor (Rutgers University) "How I Learned to Refute Skepticism and Stop Worrying about The Matrix"

      Saturday, April 19 (Registration and all paper sessions in Marsh Hall; meals are in the UCC church)
      7:30-9:30am Regristration (Marsh Hall second floor lobby)
      7:00-8:00am Breakfast (UCC church)

    • 8:00-9:30 Paper Session #1
      Amanda Lusky (University of North Carolina at Asheville), "Streams of Language: The Addition of William James to Wittgenstein's Rejection of Private Language"
    • Commentator: Kent Olson (Portland State University)
    • Chani Mooring (Humboldt State University), "Wittgenstein's Argument against Private Language: A Defense of Meaning as Found in Forms of Life"
    • Commentator: Maja Jaakson (University of Ottawa)
      Jessica Bowen (Thompson Rivers University), "Raunch Culture and Sexual Terrorism: Women's Sexuality as Power"
    • Commentator: Michael Russo (Pacific University)
    • Conor Walline (Westminster College), "Violence with Consistency (A Response to Mohr)"
    • Commentator: Joshua Blanchard (University of Michigan)
      PHILOSOPHY OF MIND (Marsh 106)
      Mariano de Dompablo Cordio (University of Wisconsin - La Crosse), "Is Artificial Intelligence Possible?"
    • Commentator: Logan Fletcher (University of Toronto)
    • Aaron Frein (University of Puget Sound), "How to Kill a Zombie with Words: A Response to Chalmers-Style Mind-Body Dualism"
    • Commentator: Olin Robus (Montana State University)
      Meaghan Gandy (University of Mississippi), "Military Matters"
    • Commentator: Jon Hiser (University of Portland)
    • Robert Brian Gingerich (Patrick Henry College), "A Dire Contagion: War, Plague, and the Iliad"
    • Commentator: Jeff Breitenfeldt (Pacific University)
      ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY (Marsh 206)
      Ivan Heyman (University of Washington), "Seneca's Cynical Side: Withdrawal and 'The Social Embeddedness of Virtue'"
    • Commentator:
    • Ben Schultz (Swarthmore College), "Morality and Discourse in the Phaedrus and the Euthydemus"
    • Commentator: Carl Templin (University of Toledo)
      HAPPINESS (Marsh 207)
      Stephen Kenney (Washington University), "On Annas and the Problem of External Goods"
    • Commentator: Kristin Williams (Reed College)
    • Geordie McComb (University of Victoria), "A Defence of Qualitative Hedonism As Interpretation and Account Well-being"
    • Commentator: Sarah Thoubian (American University of Beirut)
      THE SELF (Marsh 212)
      Heather Stevens (Whitworth University), "Self vs. Others: Black Consciousness"
    • Commentator: Jon Khan (York University)
    • Alex von Stein (Lewis & Clark College), "A Lockean Account of Personal Identity"
    • Commentator: Ben Reese (Pacific Lutheran University)
      Ronald Baumiller (Duquesne University), "Del Sentimiento Trágico de la Vida and die Ewige Wiederkehr: An Essay Concerning the Immortality of the Soul"
    • Commentator: Spencer Murphy (Gonzaga University)
    • Michael McEvilly (Washington University), "'Like That in a Fairy Tale or Story': Indirection in Kierkegaard's Late Authorship"
    • Commentator: Elton Kelly (Lewis & Clark College)
      METAPHYSICS (Marsh 214)
      Rachel Lyon (St. Ambrose University), "Freedom of Destiny and Endless Potentialities"
    • Commentator: Chuck VanHoff (North Carolina State University)
    • Clark McVey (Missouri State University), "On Fate and Luck"
    • Commentator: Michelle Bingamon (Pacific University)
      9:45-11:15 Paper Session #2
      PRAGMATISM (Marsh LL5)
      Maja Jaakson (University of Ottawa), "Theory and Practice in John Dewey's 'Escape from Peril'"
    • Commentator: Justin Azevedo (University of Oregon)
    • Brian Ballard (University of California, Santa Cruz), "Peirce's Pragmatism from the Outside"
    • Commentator: Zubin Bagai (University of Portland)
      Simona Airmar (St. Andrews University), "Names and Definite Descriptions"
    • Commentator: Alex von Stein (Lewis & Clark College)
    • Jeremy Wyatt (Texas Christian University), "Expressive Speech Acts and Conversation: A Moderate Proposal"
    • Commentator: Drew Karlberg (Calvin College)
      ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY (Marsh 106)
      James Ramirez (University of Missouri - Kansas City), "Parmenides: On Separation of the Forms"
    • Commentator: Ronald Baumiller (Duquesne University)
      PHILOSOPHY OF MIND (Marsh 201)
      Sarah Thoubian (American University of Beirut), "Functionalism and the Chinese Room Thought Experiment"
    • Commentator: Aaron Frein (University of Puget Sound)
    • Andrew McCall (Truman University), "A Defense of Representationalism"
    • Commentator: Rebecca Ok (Reed College)
      EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 206)
      Michael Ball-Blakely (University of Tennessee), "The Impossibility of Epistemic Deductions"
    • Commentator: Geordie McComb (University of Victoria)
    • Oliver Foland (Humboldt State University), "A Critique of Foundational Beliefs"
    • Commentator: Michael Ball-Blakely (University of Tennessee)
      METAPHILOSOPHY (Marsh 207)
      Victor Briere (Pitzer College), "Non-Cognitivism and Error Theory: A Self-Defeating Commitment"
    • Commentator: Nathan Dailey (Denison University)
    • Stephen Steward (Western Washington University), "Wisdom, Knowledge, and Sound Judgment"
    • Commentator: Joseph Levitan (Brandeis University)
      James Goebel (California State University, Fullerton), "Death and Discourse: An Inquiry into Meaning and Disruption"
    • Commentator: Kristin Thornburg (Lewis & Clark College)
      METAPHYSICS (Marsh 213)
      Carl Templin (University of Toledo), "Grasping the Concepts of Infinity and Zero"
    • Commentator: Melissa Schumacher (North Carolina State University)
    • Steven Zane (University of Puget Sound), "The Two-Dimensionalist Case against the Conceivability-Possibility Relation"
    • Commentator: Simona Aimar (St. Andrews University)
      HAPPINESS (Marsh 214)
      Alex Lampros (Penn State University), "A Discussion of the Ethical Foundation of Happiness with Regard to the Metaphysical Locality between Aristotle and Schopenhauer"
    • Commentator: William Campbell (Pacific University)
      11:30-1:00 Paper Session #3
      RAWLS (Marsh LL5)
      Robin Zheng (Washington & Lee University), "Mutual Respect: Rawlsian Justice between Liberal and Decent Peoples"
    • Commentator: Chuck VanHoff (Lewis & Clark College)
      Karolin Mirzakhan (St. Edward's University), "The Role of Forgiveness in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit"
    • Commentator: Alex Lampros (Penn State University)
    • Matt Hambro (Lewis & Clark College), "A Critique of Petitionary Prayer"
    • Commentator: Brian Ballard (University of California, Santa Cruz)
      Kent Olson (Portland State University), "Always"
    • Commentator: Gareth Reeves (University of Victoria)
    • Julian Stone-Kronberg (University of Puget Sound), "Inescapable Interpretation: A Defense of Radical Interpretation"
    • Commentator: Kelly Vincent (Whitworth University)
      METAPHYSICS (Marsh 201)
      Scarlett Andrews (University of Mississippi), "Do You Believe in Ghosts?"
    • Commentator: Clark McVey (Missouri State University)
    • Raquel Spencer (West Virginia University), "On Death and Epicurean Reasoning"
    • Commentator: Andrew Hartfiled (Missouri State University)
      Jeff Breitenfeldt (Pacific University), "Hume's Ethical Duty to Animals: Widening the Sphere of Morality beyond Rights"
    • Commentator: Nick Saarela (Grand Valley State University)
    • Lindsey Webb (Pacific Lutheran University), "Chimpanzees and Descartes: An Unlikely and Problematic Relationship"
    • Commentator: Ben Grenz (Willamette University)
      Jill Bieker (DePaul University), " The Construction of Subjectivity According to Merleau-Ponty"
    • Commentator: Melissa Ruhl (University of Oregon)
    • David Sodi (Clark University), "The Concept of Ambivalence in Existentialism As Depicted in Dostoyevsky"
    • Commentator: Farzad Mozafarzadeh (California State University, Fullerton)
      MOTIVATION (Marsh 212)
      Rebecca Ok (Reed College), "Desires, Dispositions, and Smith's Defense of the Humean Theory of Motivation"
    • Commentator: Stephen Steward (Western Washington University)
    • Ben Reese (Pacific Lutheran University), "Me, Myself, and Mead: The Problem of Positivism and the Human Self"
    • Commentator: Rachel Leadon (Willamette University)
      EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 213)
      Aaron McClain (University of Tennessee), "Is Truth Required for Knowledge?"
    • Commentator: Arthur Tu (Carnegie Mellon University)
    • Laith Al-Shawaf (American University of Beirut), "Harman's The Inference to the Best Explanation"
    • Commentator: Melanie Ross (Boise State University)
      POWER & DOMINATION (Marsh 214)
      Isaac Chapman (Webster University), "A Freirian Critique of Educational Policy in the U.S."
    • Commentator: Casie Dunleavy (Central Washington University)
    • Edmund Zagorin (University of Michigan), "The Politics of Dimensionality and the Modern Subject"
    • Commentator: James Goebel (California State University, Fullerton)
      1:00-2:15 Lunch (UCC church)
      2:15-3:45 Paper Session #4
      ETHICS (Marsh LL5)
      Phillip Downes (Central Washington University), "Refuting Moral Luck"
    • Commentator: Matt Hambro (Lewis & Clark College)
    • Gareth Reeves (University of Victoria), "Was It Good for You, Too?: The Compliance Problem for Contractarianism"
    • Commentator: Raman Voorhis (Lewis & Clark College)
      MARX (Marsh 101)
      Joshua Blanchard (University of Michigan), "Two Views of Domination: Horkheimer and Adorno against Marx"
    • Commentator: Kiel Johnson (Lewis & Clark College)
    • Casie Dunleavy (Central Washington University), "What the World Needs Is a Moral Marx"
    • Commentator: Kasey Pilcher (Gutenberg College)
      EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 106)
      Joseph Levitan (Brandeis University), "Issues Concerning the Evolutionary Psychologist's View of Modularity"
    • Commentator: Melissa Gardland (Spring Hill College)
    • Bryan Reece (Oklahoma Baptist University), "Intellectual Virtues and Reliability"
    • Commentator:Jeremy Wyatt (Texas Christian University)
      Melissa Garland (Spring Hill College), "The Price of Escaping the Vat"
    • Commentator: Justin Snedegar (West Virginia University)
      Robert Guerin (Duquesne University), "Tragedy and the Desire to Be God"
    • Commentator: Karolin Mirzakhan (St. Edward's University)
    • Travis Petersen (Central Washington University), "Influences of Phenomenology and Logical Positivism on the Natural Sciences"
    • Commentator:
      KILLING (Marsh 207)
      Ronald Ross (Wittenberg University), "When the Lambs Stop Screaming: Empathy, Personhood, and the Male-Dominated Phenomenon of Serial Killing"
    • Commentator: Kaycie Rueter (University of Portland)
    • Susan Stevens (Denison University), "The Wrongness of Killing from Classical and Preference Utilitarian Perspectives"
    • Commentator: Kenneth Silver (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
      LEIBNIZ & SPINOZA (Marsh 212)
      Kelly Glover (University of Toronto), "Leibniz's Mid-Life Substance-Abuse Problem"
    • Commentator: Matt Braich (Lewis & Clark College)
    • Michael Russo (Pacific University), "Tales from Spinoza's Twilight Zone: On the Possibility of Alternative Substance Despite Common Interpretations of Spinoza"
    • Commentator: Jennifer Kullas (St. Michael's College)
      MOTIVATION (Marsh 213)
      Kristin Williams (Reed College), "A Denial of Photocopy Virtue: A Problem of Student Passivity in Moral Education"
    • Commentator: Rebecca Young (University of California, Berkeley)
      METAPHILOSOPHY (Marsh 214)
      Melissa Ruhl (University of Oregon), "Philosophy as Continual Becoming: The Child in Levinas and Buber"
    • Commentator: Ivan Heyman (University of Washington)
    • Kristen Wallace (Gutenberg College), "Reason as a Principle of Orientation"
    • Commentator: Ben Creasy (Pacific University)
      4:00-6:15 Paper Session #5
      ETHICS (Marsh LL21)
      Drew Karlberg (Calvin College), "The Myth of the Amoralist: A Challenge for Motivational Externalism"
    • Commentator: Aaron McClain (University of Tennessee)
    • Kenneth Silver (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), "Why the Consequentialist Would Not Push the Fat Guy"
    • Commentator: Phillip Downes (Central Washington University)
    • Ashley Goo (Central Washington University), "Anarchy, State, and Utopia or a Life 'After Virtue': MacIntyre's Stand against Nozick's Position and Lack of Moral Desert"
    • Commentator: Susan Stevens (Denison University)
      Logan Fletcher (University of Toronto), "From Finite Tension to Determinate Extension: Meaning Finitism and the Cryptographer's Constraint"
    • Commentator: Rachel Lyon (St. Ambrose University)
    • Olin Robus (Montana State University), "Science, Non-Epistemic Values, and Basic Research"
    • Commentator: Nathan Zimmerman (Fort Hays State University)
    • Nathan Zimmerman (Fort Hays State University), "Science as a Form of Art"
    • Commentator: Chani Mooring (Humboldt State University)
      PHILOSOPHY OF ART (Marsh 101)
      Jason Barry (University of Colorado), "Tackling Beardsley's Aesthetic Theory of Art"
    • Commentator: Molly Gibson (Lewis & Clark College)
    • Nick Saarela (Grand Valley State University), "Art and Nothing But Art: The Warring Phenomenological Aesthetics of Nietzsche and Merleau-Ponty"
    • Commentator: Rachel Longstreet (St. Ambrose University)
    • Rebecca Young (University of California, Berkeley), "Elucidation of Martin Heidegger's 'The Origin of the Work of Art'"
    • Commentator: Ben Schultz (Swarthmore College)
      ASIAN PHILOSOPHY (Marsh 106)
      Christian Mecham (Central Washington University), "Cast Off Body and Mind: The Teachings of Buddhism as Applied to a Phenomenological Model"
    • Commentator: Alan Peters (Pacific University)
    • Arthur Tu (Carnegie Mellon University), "Lao Zi's Skepticism and Its Conceptual Influence on the Development of Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism"
    • Commentator: Azalea Ebbay (Lewis & Clark College)
    • Emily Wallen (Rockford College), "Unity in Duality: Quantum Physics and 'Eastern' Philosophy"
    • Commentator: Evan Hailstone (Pacific University)
      KANT (Marsh 201)
      Julian Gonzalez (St. Edward's University), "Kant's Courage and Its Residence in Today's Reality"
    • Commentator: Ben Tyson (Lewis & Clark College)
    • Matt Braich (Lewis & Clark College), "Strawson and Allison on Kant's Transcendental Idealism"
    • Commentator: Kelly Glover (University of Toronto)
    • Nathan Dailey (Denison University), "Free Actions of the Will in the Critique of Practical Reason"
    • Commentator: Jenni Barnes (Lewis & Clark College)
      PHILOSOPHY OF TIME (Marsh 206)
      Chuck VanHoff (North Carolina State University), "Time Dilation Is Not Time Travel"
    • Commentator: Adam Alexander (Viterbo University)
    • Justin Snedegar (West Virginia University), "Good-bye (for Good) Growing Block"
    • Commentator: Stephen Steward (Western Washington University)
    • Glen Nesse (Western Washington University), "A Defense of Discrete Space-Time"
    • Commentator: Travis Petersen (Central Washington University)
      Andrew Hartfield (Missouri State University), "On Justice as Power"
    • Commentator:
    • Augustus Sol Invictus (University of South Florida), "Reviving Galton's Monster: An Ethical Reassessment of Eugenics"
    • Commentator: Angela Knowles (University of California, Berkeley)
      Jon Khan (York University), "To Pause Modernity"
    • Commentator: Robert Brian Gingerich (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
      EPISTEMOLOGY (Marsh 212)
      Jennifer Jhun (Northwestern University), "Perception Does Not Have Intentional Content"
    • Commentator: Steven Zane (University of Puget Sount)
    • Melanie Ross (Boise State University), "Epistemic Nature: Do Compatibilists Have the Resources to Secure Doxastic Voluntarism?"
    • Commentator: Heather Stevens (Whitworth University)
    • Kelly Vincent (Whitworth University),"On Alvin Plantinga's Epistemic Notion of Warrant: 'The Impossibility of Warranted False Belief'"
    • Commentator: Joshua Blanchard (University of Michigan)
      POSTMODERNISM (Marsh 213)
      Justin Azevedo (University of Oregon), "Presence, Embodiment, and Differance"
    • Commentator: Edmund Zagorin (University of Michigan)
    • Adam Alexander (Viterbo University), "Jacques Lacan's Theory of Aggressiveness"
    • Commentator: Noah Maizels (Lewis & Clark College)
      Skylar Thompson (University of San Francisco), "The Pursuit of the Self Amongst the Ruins"
    • Commentator: Alfredo Asusano (California State University, Fullerton)
      EMOTIONS (Marsh 214)
      Meredith Johnson (St. Michael's College), "Defining Emotions"
    • Commentator: Scarlett Andrews (University of Mississippi)
    • Melissa Schumacher (North Carolina State University), "Moral Values as Natural Kinds"
    • Commentator: Chritine Ball-Blakely (University of Tennessee)
    • Jennifer Kullas (St. Michael's College), "Theories of Human Emotions: William James vs. Martha C. Nussbaum"
    • Commentator: Lindsey Webb (Pacific Lutheran University)

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