18th annual Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference
April 4-5, 2014


PAPER PRESENTATIONS: Here is how the paper sessions run: Each session has either two or three papers based on a common topic (such as philosophy of language or ethics, etc.). Each paper is allotted 45 minutes. Of that time, about 20 minutes will be for the author to present his/her paper. This usually involves actually reading the paper to the audience, but if you prefer you can "talk through" the paper. The rest of the 45 minutes is for questions and discussion. It's difficult to say exactly how many people will be in the audience. We'll have nine or ten different sessions going at the same time (ten different classrooms), but with over 100 people there, you can expect 10-20 people at your session. Of course, sometimes it can be fewer than 10 or more than 20; it depends on what people want to go listen to.

CHAIRING A SESSION: Once the conference schedule is posted (in February), if you are willing to be a session chair, then go to the conference schedule, select the session that you would like to chair and let me know (at: boersema@pacificu.edu). I'll post you as the chair and send you the relevant papers from that session. Each paper session includes two or three papers. The session chair will need to read those papers prior to the conference and prepare one or two questions to ask, in order to begin the discussion, following each author's presentation of his/her paper. The session chair is also the timekeeper of the session. The chair needs to begin and end the session on time as well as make sure that each author stays within the appropriate time limit of his/her individual paper.

FRIDAY BANQUET: The banquet on Friday evening will be in the UCC church, which is right off campus, at the corner of College Way and 21st Avenue. The reason we use this locale is just that it is nicer than any large room we have on campus and it is very conveniently located. (We assure you, there is no religious agenda here!) When you get to campus, just ask anyone how to get to "The Milky Way," which is a student hangout. The UCC is directly across the street. (Oh, we have had people in the past ask about dress. This is casual.)

FOOD:  If you have any special dietary restrictions, please let me know. We always provide meat, vegetarian, and vegan meals. Remember that we will provide the Friday banquet (which starts at 6:00pm) plus Saturday breakfast (from 7:00-8:00am) and lunch (from 1:00-2:00pm). The actual paper sessions will run on Saturday from 8:00-1:00 and then from 2:15-6:45.

LOGDING:  You can find local hotel information at this web site: http://www.pacificu.edu/as/philosophy/conference/lodging.cfm    There are four local hotels, all within about 1/2 mile of each other and all about a mile or so from our campus.  If you stay at one of these hotels, we will provide shuttle service to and from our campus on Friday evening and also select times during Saturday.  In addition, there is a public bus that runs right by each of the hotels and can take you to our campus.  So, getting back and forth from hotels should not be a problem.

TRAVEL:  For those who are driving to the conference, you can find driving directions at this web site:
http://www.pacificu.edu/about/location/location.cfm (By the way, you can find a campus map at: http://www.pacificu.edu/about/location) For those who are flying, you will need to fly into Portland International Airport (PDX). Pacific University is in Forest Grove, which is about 25 miles west of Portland. There are three ways to get from the airport to Forest Grove. (1) Cab. This is the most expensive, but it is the quickest and most direct.  Expect to pay up to $100 and expect the time to be about 45-60 minutes. I strongly recommend AGAINST taking a cab because the Portland cab drivers don't know how to get out to Forest Grove very well. As a result, you end up paying for them to get lost! However, it is a last resort. (2) Shuttle to Forest Grove. You can call PacifiCab (phone: 503 649 6860), White Van Shuttle (phone: 503 774 9755) or Airport Shuttle Service (phone: 503 452 0687) directly. For any of them you will need to make a reservation at least 24 hours prior to arriving, but the cost goes down per person if there are multiple passengers. So be sure to call them ahead of time and they will try to arrange a convenient time to take several people together. (3) Public transportation. This is by far the cheapest, but it also takes the most time.  To get to Forest Grove from the airport, you will first take a light rail train, called MAX.  You can catch the MAX train at the airport.  It only costs around $3 to get from the airport all the way to Forest Grove (so, as you can see, it is much cheaper than a cab or a shuttle).  The MAX train at the airport is on the Red Line.  You will take this train all the way to its last stop, which is called Beaverton Transit Center. There it connects with a Blue Line train. So, you will get off the Red Line train at Beaverton Transit Center and at that same station board the Blue Line train to Hillsboro. (If it isn't clear to you while on the train, just ask anyone.  Portlanders are quite friendly.)  Keep your original ticket (which you will have purchased at the airport when you first got on the Red Line MAX train).  This ticket will serve as your ticket on the Blue Line train, as well.  Take the Blue Line MAX train that goes west, to Hillsboro.  (There is also a Blue Line train that goes east, to Gresham; you don't want that one.) Take the Blue Line MAX all the way to the second to last stop, which is called Hillsboro Central. Get off there and keep your train ticket, because it will now serve as a bus ticket to Forest Grove. (Hillsboro is about six miles east of Forest Grove.)  At the Hillsboro Central Station, pick up what is called the Tri-Met bus #57, which goes to Forest Grove.  Be sure to get the #57 going to Forest Grove, because there is also a #57 that goes to Beaverton.  Again, your train ticket serves as your bus ticket, so just give that to the bus driver.  The bus will go past all of the local hotels as well as take you right to our campus.  When you board the bus, you might want to mention that you are going to a particular hotel in Forest Grove. The bus driver will let you know which stop you will want. (Even the bus drivers are pretty friendly out here!).  So, the train/bus is cheap, but it also takes quite a while, more than two hours. But it's a nice way to see Portland and the local area. Once you are at your hotel, you can call my office phone if you have any questions (503 352 2150).  On Friday, April 16, we will have a shuttle from our campus swing by the local hotels around 4:30, so you should be hanging around the lobby then.  If you get in quite a bit earlier than that, you can catch the Tri-Met bus from your hotel to our campus every 15-20 minutes. Just tell the driver you would like to get off at the stop on College Way. The church where the banquet is being held is on College Way, about one block north of that stop.

Conference Contact Info

David Boersema
Department of Philosophy,2043 College Way
Pacific University,Forest Grove OR 97116
Fax: 503-352-2775
Email: boersema@pacificu.edu