Jules Boykoff

Associate Professor and Department Chair  

Department of Politics and Government

Contact information                        
Email: boykoff@pacificu.edu
Office: Marsh Hall 234
Phone: 503.352.2887

Ph.D. American University, 2004, in political science
M.A.T. Lewis & Clark College, 1998, with specialization in English and Spanish
B.A. University of Portland, 1993, in political science


Professor Boykoff's teaching interests include U.S. politics, the politics of sports, mass-media politics, social movements, the suppression of dissent, and environmental politics. He also writes on avant-garde poetry and how art intersects with politics and resistance.

Fall 2012 Courses
POLS 140 – Introduction to U.S. Politics
POLS 355 – Politics and Sports

Spring 2013
POLS 226 – Environmental Politics

POLS 301 – Politics and the Media

Publications and Professional Work:



Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space, co-authored with Kaia Sand, Palm Press, 2008.

Beyond Bullets: The Suppression of Dissent in the United States, AK Press, 2007.

The Suppression of Dissent: How the State and Mass Media Squelch USAmerican Social Movements, Routledge, 2006.


Hegemonic Love Potion, Factory School, 2009.

The Slow Motion Underneath, with Jim Dine, Steidl Editions, 2008.

Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge, Edge Books, 2006.

Recent Scholarly Publications:

"U.S. Media Coverage of the Cancún Climate Change Conference," PS: Political Science and Politics, Vol. 45, No. 2 (April 2012): 251-258.

"The Tea Party Movement, Framing, and the U.S. Media," (with Eulalie Laschever) Social Movement Studies, Vol. 10, No. 4 (November 2011): 341-366.

"The Leaf Blower, Capitalism, and the Atomization of Everyday Life," Capitalism Nature Socialism, Vol. 22, No. 3 (September 2011): 95-113.

"Space Matters: The 2010 Winter Olympics and Its Discontents," Human Geography, Vol. 4, No. 2 (2011): 48-60.

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"Poets as Experimental Geographers: Mark Nowak, Kaia Sand and the Re-composition of Political-Historical Space," In Placing Poetry (ed. Zoe Skoulding and Ian Davidson), Rodopi, forthcoming.

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"Certifying Mexico in the War on Drugs," (with William M. LeoGrande). Pew Case, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 2001.

Selected Public Presentations and Conference Papers:

"Five-Ring Politics: Activism and the 2012 London Summer Olympics," North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, November 2011.

"Moxie Politik," (with Kaia Sand), Portland State University, MFA in Social Practice Monday Night Lecture Series, Portland, Oregon, May 2011.

"Spatial Politics and the Public Sphere," University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, October 2010.

"The Suppression of Dissent," University of Minnesota, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 2009.

"Leaf Blower Logic: Neoliberalism, Atomization, and System Legitimation," Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 2009.

"A Political History of the Leaf Blower," Nonsite Collective, San Francisco, California, February 2009.

"Interventionary Art: Poetry & Public Space,” presented with Kaia Sand, Activism & the Avant-Garde: A Cross-Cultural Literary Conference, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington, May 2008.

"Dissent and Its Suppression," St. John's University, The Institute for Writing Studies, New York, 5 October 2007.

"The Politics of Global Warming in the United States," Mercy Corps, Portland, Oregon, 22 January 2007.

"Squelching Dissent in the USA," Forest Grove Community Auditorium, Forest Grove, Oregon, 10 January 2007.

"Balance as Bias: U.S. Media Coverage of Global Warming," United Nations Climate Change Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, 14 November 2006.

Recent Popular Publications

"'Total Policing' in London: Suppressing Dissent at the Olympic Games," CounterPunch, 8 August 2012.

"Policing Dissent at London 2012," Red Pepper (19 July 2012)

"Olympian Arrogance," (with Alan Tomlinson) The New York Times (5 July 2012).

"Protest Is Coming to the London Olympics," (with Dave Zirin) The Nation (21 May 2012).

"Has London 2012 Been Greenwashed?" The Guardian (22 April 2012).

"What Is the Real Price of the London Olympics?" The Guardian (4 April 2012).

"Where Victims Are Victors: Santorum and Republican Dissent," Common Dreams (22 February 2012).

"2012 Olympics: London, Check Vancouver," (with Janice Forsyth) The Guardian (2 January 2012).

"Occupy Wall Street: Reclaiming Public Space, Reclaiming Dignity," The Oregonian (12 October 2011).

"Hurricanes, Floods and Wildfires – But Washington Won't Talk Global Warming," The Guardian (9 September 2011).

"How the Tea Party Turned the Media's 'Liberal Bias'," The Guardian (5 August 2011).

"Why the Insurance Industry Gets Climate Change," The Guardian (28 June 2011).

"The US Military Goes to War with Climate Skeptics," The Guardian (20 May 2011).

"Reheating the Climate Change Story," The Guardian (30 January 2011).

"Portland, the Paulsons, and Bye Bye Baseball," (with Dave Zirin) The Nation (1 November 2010).

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"The Bigger Pitch of Scot Thompson," Street Roots (3 September 2010).

"The World Cup and the Politics of Immigration," CounterPunch (29 June 2010).

"After the Oil Spill We Need a Sea Change," The Guardian, (3 June 2010).

"Time for BP to Stop Blame Game," The Guardian, (12 May 2010).

"Dissent an Olympic Non-Event: Vancouver Protests Give Way to Games as 'Unifying Force'," (with Casey Nishimura) Extra!, (May 2010).

"A Tale of Two Vancouvers," The Guardian, (12 February 2010).

"Showdown in Vancouver: Olympic Industrial Complex Meets Gold Medal Resistance," CounterPunch, (10 February 2010).

"'Climategate' and the Road Ahead" (with Kristen Sheeran) ZNet, (16 December 2009).

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"Awareness Is Two Steps Ahead. Paranoia Is Two Steps Behind" Common Dreams, (26 August 2007).

"Global Warming: An Inconvenient Principle" (with Maxwell Boykoff) Common Dreams, (6 July 2006).
"Patriot Acting: Congress, 'Compromise,' and the USA Patriot Act" Common Dreams, 16 February 2006.
"New 'Roberts Rules' are Recipe for Surprise" The Oregonian, 22 September 2005.
"Journalistic Balance as Global Warming Bias: Creating controversy where science finds consensus" (with Maxwell Boykoff) Extra! (November/December 2004). Reprinted in Global Climate Change, (Reference Shelf 78:01).
"A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Nicaragua?" NACLA: Report on the Americas 34: 4 (January/ February 2001).

Selected Book Reviews

Why the Olympics Aren't Good for Us, and How They Can Be by Mark Perryman, Open Democracy, 6 July 2012.

Re:Imagining Change: How to Use Story-based Strategy to Win Campaigns, Build Movements, and Change the World by Patrick Reinsborough and Doyle Canning, Social Movement Studies, Vol. 10, No. 2 (April 2011): 218-220.

The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan: Right-Wing Movements and National Politics by Rory McVeigh, Social Movement Studies, Vol. 9, No. 4 (November 2010): 481-483.

Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy by Stephen Duncombe, XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics, No. 18 (Fall 2007).

How Patriotic Is the Patriot Act?: Freedom Versus Security in the Age of Terrorism by Amitai Etzioni, Journal of Politics, Vol. 68, No. 2 (May 2006).
Shut Up, Shut Down
by Mark Nowak, Labor History, Vol. 46. No. 3 (August 2005).
Economic Justice and Democracy: From Competition to Cooperation by Robin Hahnel, Socialist Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 2005).
Silencing Political Dissent by Nancy Chang and Terrorism and the Constitution by David Cole and James X. Dempsey, XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics, No. 13 (Fall 2003).
Blue Gold by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke (with Kaia Sand). Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, Vol. 14, No. 1 (March 2003).


Selected Media Appearances

Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman (31 July 2012). On London 2012 Olympics politics.

Edge of Sports Radio with Dave Zirin (27 July 2012). On London 2012 Olympics politics.

Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman (26 July 2012). On London 2012 Olympics politics.

Populist Dialogues with David Delk (11 December 2011). On media coverage of the Global Justice Movement, the Tea Party Movement, and Occupy Wall Street.

If You Love This Planet with Helen Caldicott (28 March 2011). On activism, global warming, media and more.

Edge of Sports Radio with Dave Zirin (25 October 2008). On the public financing for stadium building in Portland, Oregon.

Alternative Radio with David Barsamian (27 March through 3 April 2008). On Martin Luther King Jr. & the FBI.

Progressive Radio with Matthew Rothschild (31 December 2007 through 6 January 2008). On the suppression of dissent in the United States.

Street Roots interview with Martha Gies (14 December 2007). On the media and dissent.

Pacifica Radio (KPFK and KPFA) (December 2007). On the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.

Alternative Radio with David Barsamian (26 June through 2 July 2007). On the suppression of dissent in the United States.

Media Matters with Bob McChesney (NPR, WILL-520 AM) (21 January 2007). On the suppression of dissent and U.S. media coverage of global warming.

Rise Up Radio (CKCU-93.1 FM, Ottawa, Canada) (27 November 2006). On climate-change skeptics and the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Thom Hartmann Program (Air America KPOJ-620 AM) (1 September 2005). On mass-media coverage of global warming and Hurricane Katrina.
Northwest Today
(KNDU-TV, Kennewick, WA) (17 January 2005). On the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Counterspin, (nationally syndicated radio program) (24 December 2004). With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Steve Rendall, and Peter Hart. On U.S. mass-media coverage of global warming. Audio available at: http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=2027
Living On Earth (National Public Radio)
(10 September 2004). "Changing Views on Climate Change" with Steve Curwood. On U.S. mass-media coverage of global warming. Audio available at: http://www.loe.org/shows/shows.htm?programID=04-P13-00037

Extracurricular Activities:

Professor Boykoff is an avid supporter of poetry. His favorite poetry books are Remember to Wave by Kaia Sand, Sarajevo Blues by Semezdin Mehmedinovic, and Mi Revalueshanary Fren: Selected Poems by Linton Kwesi Johnson. He also writes poetry and is the author of Hegemonic Love Potion (Factory School, 2009) and Once Upon a Neoliberal Rocket Badge (2006, Edge Books, Washington, DC).
He is also an enthusiastic soccer fan who played soccer at the University of Portland. He also represented the U.S. Olympic Team (U-23 National Team) in international competition and played professional soccer for the Portland Pride, Minnesota Thunder, and Milwaukee Wave.