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Footloose And Fancyfree: What Do We Know About Childfree Couples?

For his senior project, Matthew Blankenship compared the relative happiness or “life satisfaction” of couples that had children to couples who chose not to. To his surprise, he found that there appeared to be no significant difference on the level of life satisfaction between the groups.

One explanation, he said, is his study group was more homogeneous than he intended. Also, the group had a majority of white, female, upper-class Euro-Americans, a group which often scores high on satisfaction surveys. A transfer student and military veteran, Blankenship came to Pacific via a government vocational rehabilitation program.

“I really couldn’t ask for more academically,” he said. Psychology professors Heidi Island and Alyson Burns-Glover continually encouraged and challenged him during his project. “[The experience] really, really stretched and pushed me,” he said, “and I wanted to be pushed beyond what I thought I could do.”

Blankenship is hoping to continue his studies in graduate school with an eye toward working in student affairs.  

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