Social Work Students



    Vera Walliser, (second from left) with fellow 2010   

    graduates, Terra Neilson, Celeste Goulding, and

    Tia Navarro.


I came to Pacific University from Switzerland in search of new challenges. The social work program has allowed me to thrive in an empowering environment that provided not only advising and lectures, but also lasting friendships, motivation, and inspiration. Senior year, I completed a 440 hour practicum at the Washington County Juvenile Department where I developed an 11-week program for youth where they learned to work with horses. The faculty at Pacific provided me with confidence to seek further challenges in life by pursuing graduate school---and realizing my goal to become a successful social worker and equine therapist!   ~Vera Walliser (Class of 2010)


Jean Laschever and Celeste Goulding testifying before the Portland City Council on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"Professor Ritter and social work major, Bayley Gelt, attending the IASSW Conference in Durban, South Africa."



About the Claire Angevin Argow Scholarship



Pacific’s Social Work Program is named the Claire Angevin Argow Social Work Program.  A recipient of the Outstanding Women of Oregon Award, Argow was a pioneer among women and a tireless advocate for social justice. Use the link to the left to read more about Claire Argow.


Each year, the Social Work Program awards the Argow Scholarship to an outstanding student in Social Work. Scholarship recipients demonstrate the commitment to social justice, equality, and social change so central to the life of Claire Argow. Recent recipents include:


  • 1999-2000              Navina Marks
  • 2000-2001              Cadence Barr
  • 2001-2002              Katharine Hutslar
  • 2002-2003              Ryanne Pilgeram
  • 2003-2004              Hilary Matthews
  • 2004-2005              Carol Cloakey
  • 2005-2006              Daniel Eisen
  • 2006-2007              Ali Moore
  • 2007-2008              Amy Fitzpatrick
  • 2008-2009               Kaitlyn Schovanec
  • 2009-2010               Elizabeth Bair
  • 2010-2011               Elaine Charpentier-Philippi
  • 2011-2012               Hillary Kirk
  • 2012-2013               Cindy Simmons
  • 2013-2014               Brenda Tevis



Majoring in Social Work


Students interested in pursuing a major in Social Work at Pacific must apply to the program. Application materials and instructions can be downloaded using the “Application” link to the left. Materials are also available from faculty within the Social Work Program.



Current Students


Current Social Work students should each have a copy of the Field Manual and Program Handbook. These documents can be downloaded via the links to the left or by clicking on the documents below.


Field Manual (PDF, 360 KB)

Program Handbook (PDF, 692 KB)


Social Work Club


The Social Work Program has an active Social Work Club. You do not have to be a Social Work Major to participate in the Club’s activities. Please use the Social Work Club link to the left for more information about the Club’s activities and accomplishments.