Debate Events


British Parliamentary (BP)

This debate will consist of four teams of two persons a chairperson (known as the "Speaker of the House" or "Mister/Madame Speaker" and an adjudicator or panel of adjudicators). Members will deliver a substantive speech of seven minutes duration and should offer points of information while members of the opposing teams are speaking. Points of Information may be asked between first minute mark and the six-minute mark of the members’ speeches (speeches are of seven minutes duration). The adjudicator must: (a) Confer upon and discuss the debate with the other adjudicators; (b) Determine the rankings of the teams; (c) Determine the team grades; (d) Determine the speaker marks; (e) Provide a verbal adjudication to the members; and (f) Complete any documentation required by the tournament. Speeches should be seven minutes in duration (this should be signaled by two strikes of the gavel). Speeches over seven minutes and 15 seconds may be penalized.