List of Events

Competitive speech & debate, or forensics, offers a wide-range of events in several different genres for students to participate in. There are three speaking genres, interpretation events, public address events and limited preparation events. These are sometimes known as individual events or IEs. Each genre has several competitive events. Please click below to read a complete description of each event.

There are three primary forms of debate seen in the Northwest Forensics Conference, National Parliamentary Debate Association (NPDA) style, International Public Debate Association (IPDA) style and British Parliamentary (BP) style. The National Forensics Association does also offer a version of the Lincoln-Douglas (LD) style, which is offered at the International Forensics Association (IFA) tournament. Please click below to read a complete description of each event.


Individual Events (IEs)


Interpretation Events

Dramatic Interpretation

Dramatic Duo

Poetry Interpretation

Program Oral Interpretation

Prose Interpretation

Public Address Events

After Dinner Speaking

Communication Analysis

Informative Speaking

Persuasive Speaking


Limited Preparation Events

Extemporaneous Speaking

Impromptu Speaking


Debate Events


International Public Debate Association (IPDA)


National Parliamentary Debate Association (NPDA)


British Parliamentary (BP) Debate


Lincoln-Douglas (LD) Debate