A Piece of My Heart

by Shirley Lauro, directed by Ellen Margolis, March 10-13, 2005

Pacific University's Department of Theatre presents A Piece of My Heart, a drama about the experiences of U.S. nurses in the Vietnam War. The play, by Shirley Lauro, is based on Keith Walker's interviews with dozens of American women who served in Vietnam.

It chronicles the disorientation, desperation, and daily struggles of their time in country, their personal and professional triumphs, and the challenges they faced upon returning to a changed homeland.

Ellen Margolis, Pacific's Director of Theatre, has selected the play for its eloquence and power, as well as its timeliness. "Today, American men and women are fighting and dying in a far distant land, in a protracted occupation that has caused the deaths of countless civilians. The echoes are not lost on those of us who remember the Vietnam conflict. My hope is that A Piece of My Heart will provide our audiences with an occasion to reflect upon the true cost of war."

A Piece of My Heart had four performances in the Tom Miles Theatre, Warner Hall, at Pacific University's Forest Grove campus. The show ran March 10 through 13, 2005.