Applied Theatre

Applied theatre is a relatively new name for a very old discipline. Students in Pacific's rare undergraduate applied theatre program will build their traditional theatre skills then employ those tools in community service. They will study the deep history of theatre's connection to social activism, and they will find interactive ways to engage with the community through drama.

Program Highlights

  • Pacific is one of just a handful of universities offering an undergraduate program in applied theatre.
  • Two main stage productions every year, plus the student-produced LunchBox season
  • Building on a historical base, the applied theatre program will link traditional theatre skills with service professions.
  • A winter travel course will take students off-campus for community learning opportunities.
  • Internships will be a prominent part of the curriculum. Local partners will include senior centers, youth centers and other nonprofits.
  • An applied theatre major or minor is a strong complement to studies in anthropology, education, political science, psychology, social work, sociology and other liberal arts disciplines.


Applied theatre students will participate in many of the same foundational courses as traditional theatre students. These include courses such as technical theatre, phonetics and dialects, and directing. Applied theatre students also will study the history of theatre in a social context, exploring the roots of how theatre and drama have played a role in religion, politics and community service. Students will connect their theatre skills with other disciplines in courses such as "Theatre in Education."

Faculty and Staff

Many of the teachers in the applied theatre program are adjunct professors who also are local artists and members of the professional theatre world.

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