2008-09 French Language Assistant: Solène Inceoglu


My name is Solène Inceoglu and I am the French Fulbright Teaching Assistant for the year 2008-2009. I originally come from Paris but I moved quite a lot in France so I will be able to talk to you about lots of different regions!

I have a Bachelor in English and I am very much interested in (American) English and everything which has something to do with the United States... so I hope you are ready to share your culture with me! (It applies to everyone, even if you are not American ^^). I am also found of Applied Linguistics and languages and I obtained a M.A. in Linguistics and a Matrîse in French for Foreigners.

I have been living in Germany since May 2007 and I know what it means to learn a new language! It is a really rewarding experience although sometimes it could be frustrating! But I am here to help you so don't be shy; we all need to practice to improve! And French can be fun, I swear! 

I will be teaching the Lab class, hosting the French Tables (Tuesday and Friday [for advanced level] 12-12:50pm) and organizing the French Nights on Thursdays. I really hope I will see you there!