Myriam Beramis

Hey! BONJOUR!! I'm Myriam, I'm from Paris. I'll be the French Teaching Assistant this year, you can call me "Almighty French T.A." that's fine ;-)

I love to laugh, meet new people, listen to music, dance, travel and... EAT!!! I'll be with you the whole year: that's a good opportunity to get to know each other!!! Most of the French Nights are fun - thanks to you guys - we dance, speak, play and eat French. And guess what? They say the best way to learn a foreign language is to spend some time in that country... how about me bringing France to you every Thursday at 7PM in Vandervelden 144??! No need for visa ;-) COME AND JOIN ME!!!




My parents are from the French West Indies - Guadeloupe - A beautiful island in the Carribeans... So Actually you lucky boxers got the special discount "Buy one get one Free"... French and West Indian cultures at the same time!!!

I graduated from La Sorbonne 2 years ago with a B.A. in English... I know, I know, my English needs improving!!! Ok what we can do is I trade all my French for a little bit of your English!??

Deal? See you soon then!!!