for the love of languages scholarship competition

World Language Scholarship Competition

The Department of World Languages offers scholarships to students with demonstrated interest and outstanding language skills in Spanish, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese.

The Scholarships
Scholarships of $2000 to $5000 are awarded for learners of Spanish, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese, as well as heritage or native speakers of those language who demonstrate a dedication to study of their language, literature and culture. Scholarships for language are awarded on the basis of proficiency and potential. Recipients are not required to be a language major. Scholarships may be renewable for all four years of study, provided that students demonstrate active participation in language and culture courses and departmental activities each semester.

All students must have applied and been admitted to Pacific in order to compete for the World Language Scholarship. All students, regardless of their major or minor, are eligible to compete for a language scholarship. Most students competing for language scholarships will also participate in Pacesetters. Students not participating in Pacesetters will complete the online test to qualify for competition in the oral component.

Eligible students may be non-native, heritage or native speakers of the language for which the scholarship is awarded. Students may compete in more than one language, but may receive a scholarship in one language only.

The Competition

The World Language Scholarship competition consists of two parts: an online proficiency exam and an in-person extemporaneous speech and oral interview. Heritage, native, and non-native students' proficiency will be judged separately.

Part 1: Online Proficiency Test

The online language proficiency test is an untimed, proctored language examination that tests reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. The student will take the test in a supervised environment, either at Pacific University or at their high school under the supervision of a language teacher or other school official. While the test is not timed, most students complete it in around 90 minutes. The online proficiency test must be completed by February 15 in order to qualify for the scholarship. If you wish to complete for online test beyond February 15, please contact us at

Part 2: In-Person Oral Testing
Extemporaneous speaking and oral interviews occur during the Pacesetters scholarship competition. Those who cannot appear in person for the interview and speech competition may arrange to compete from a distance using telecommunication (web conference, telephone, or video recording). All interviews and speeches must be completed by March 1. If you wish to compete for a language scholarship beyond March 1, please contact us at

Sign Me Up!

Complete the Registration Form to sign up for the Love of Language Scholarship Competition. Once you have registered for Pacesetters and the Love of Languages competition, you will receive addional information and instuctions for completing the proficiency test and scheduling the oral exam and speech contest.