Marcus Welsh

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Email: Marcus at a restaurant in Toledo, Spain during the summer of 2006.

Phone: 503-352-1568

Office Location: CARN 106B
Office Hours: Marcus is currently on sabbatical for the 2009-2010 academic year.


M.A. in Hispanic Literature, 2002, University of Arizona

B.A. in Spanish and International Studies with an emphasis in Latin America, 1997, Pacific University

Teaching/Research Interests

Foreign language pedagogy, Latin American and Spanish cinema and theater, music and culture, picaresque literature, world religions, the question of 'the other'

Other Interests or Hobbies

photography, travel, food, wine, cooking, acting

I have always had an interest in acting, but I have not really done much of it. As an undergraduate I was in a couple of student-made soap operas. During my Masters program, I was in a student production called "Robo de Navidad," playing the part of a robber that got into more than he expected when he tried to rob a family on Christmas eve. In the summer of 2006, I spent a month in Madrid with the Marsillach Acting Academy participating in an acting workshop, which culminated in a public performance of Federico Garcia Lorca's "Bodas de sangre" (Blood Wedding). I played "El novio" (The Bridegroom) and am still recovering from the heartbreak.

More about Marcus

I think I have had a unique Pacific experience. I was first a student at Pacific, and now I am a faculty member and the head of our Spanish program. I enjoy the mix of administrative work and teaching. At Pacific I teach a variety of Spanish language and culture courses, have co-taught several travel courses to Spain and Mexico, and am currently the director of our Spanish language mentor program. I also teach in our First Year Seminar humanities program and was the co-Director of the Forensics program (Speech and Debate) when I first started teaching at Pacific. Before returning to Pacific in 2004, I taught elementary school Spanish and Puerto Rican social studies in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and English literature and speech at a high school in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Past Teaching Schedule, Fall 2009:

Marcus is currently on sabbatical for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Recent courses:

Hum 100 First Year Seminar "Encountering Self and Other"

Span 101-102 Introduction to Spanish Language and Culture

Span 201-202 Intermediate Spanish

Span 255 Traveling in Spain: Literary Perspectives

Span 301 Composition and Conversation

Span 320 Mentoring in Spanish

Span 467 Practicum in Tapalpa Mexico (co-taught with Professor Nancy Christoph)

In addition, I was a co-leader of the following travel courses:

Span 255 Arts and Letters in Barcelona in 2000

Span 255 Contrasts in Spanish Culture in 2005