Around the World Photography Contest

Each year, the Department of World Languages holds an "Around the World" event in which each language prepares unique or traditional foods from their respective cultures. Before Around the World, students who have studied abroad may submit their photos for a photography contest. There are five categories and three winners for each category. The winners are announced during the event with their photos on display.


People (native to the country of study)

Pacific Students (you and your friends)

Nature and Landscape


Judge's Award (subjects that do not quite fit anywhere else)


Around the World 2007 Winners



First prize: Caitlin Mastenbroek (Leiden, The Netherlands)

                                               "Roken is Doedilijk"

Second prize: Mandi Feucht (Zambia, Africa)

                                                             "Evening's End"

Third prize: Callie Vandewiele (India)


Pacific Students

First prize: Kahaili Barrows (Australia)

                      "Look! Austrian marsupials on the loose!"

Second prize: Whitney Snipes (Ecuador)

Third prize: Hali Hutchinson (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador)

                                                    "Galapogas Snooze"


Nature and Landscape

First prize: Katy Kimes (Botswana)

                                                      "African Sunrise"

Second prize: Whitney Snipes (Ecuador)

Third prize: Caitlin Mastenbroek (Leiden, The Netherlands)



First prize: Callie Vandewiele (India)

                                                        "Afternoon Sun"

Second prize: Stephanie Tripp (Vienna, Austria)

                                            "Karlskirche Reflexionbad"

Third prize: Katy Kimes (Swaziland)

                                               "Home Sweet Home"


Judge's Award

First prize: Jackson Donaldson (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


Second prize: Mandi Feucth (Zambia, Africa)


Third prize: Kaitlin Ellson (Normandy, France)

    "American Jewish soldier at the American Cemetery in Normandy"