Seasonal Weed Control Spraying

Between March 26 and 30, Pacific Landscape Management will be performing a seasonal application of herbicide in Forest Grove and Hillsboro planted areas and will spray turf areas for broadleaf weed control.

Seasonal weed control spraying will take place between March 26 and 30, weather permitting. Pacific Landscape Management will be applying a pre-emergent herbicide on Pacific University's planted areas and will spray turf for broadleaf weed control as they have done in the past. This application will be done at both Forest Grove and Hillsboro campuses.

Areas for applications will be clearly marked. Although this is a safe application of commonly used herbicide with low toxicity, the university community should make an effort to avoid traveling through or sitting in application areas while marked with appropriate signage.

All applications are done in compliance with the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Pesticide Application Program and under the supervision of licensed professionals.

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