Pacific University Internet Strategy Update

Phase One Complete and Phase Two Underway

As you know, our Internet Strategy work is well underway, kicking off this past November with a partnership with OakTree Digital, a local online marketing agency and a subsidiary of Grady Britton. The initiative, which has an aggressive 12 to 18 month timeline, takes us from discovery to launch of a new University website built using Drupal, an open source web-based Content Management System (CMS) platform. Here's an update on the work that has been done and next steps.  

Phase One Completion
We just completed Phase One, with a focus on discover and strategy. Stakeholder sessions, online surveys and a brand audit as well an evaluation of other university websites, our current website and an analysis of our web traffic informed the development of a Strategic Brief (Phase One deliverable). In addition, an executive summary of that Strategic Brief was created and presented to the President's Cabinet last week. The Strategic Brief from OakTree provides analysis specific to our brand, the existing website, audience segmentation, competitors site analysis, user experience and design recommendations and technical planning. This concludes the initial gathering of information.

Phase Two Underway
Phase Two includes the creation of 10 personas (composites of our website users, including their values, goals and behaviors specific to how they use or would like to use our website). The drafts were shared with 100 internal and external stakeholders last week, with a 23% response rate that helped continue to shape the personas. Once finalized, additional elements of Phase Two will be underway. This includes work on the high level site map (pages and page organization), wireframes (what goes where on a page … which is the precursor to design) and then the creative design. In this phase we begin the process of developing the new website based on what we have learned. 

Project Scope
If helpful. The scope of the Internet Strategy project is to create a new website built on Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS) with improved navigation (site architecture) that focuses on an external audience (prospective students and parents) and an internal audience (via an Intranet). The Intranet will use our existing technology, serving the information up through strengthened navigation specific to an internal audience. In addition, the development of a new website enables us to ensure a mobile ready website (responsive design).  

Web Server Maintenance and Clean Up
Part of the process for our in-house team is performing some maintenance and clean up on our web server  in preparation for the transition to a new website.  Our Internet Team has just completed the first phase of a major server clean up, and in that phase eliminated 18 gigabytes. In this step we  purged the clearly outdated files (e.g. Images from 1999, tuition information from 2006, etc.) and flagged any files that appeared outdated but needed further confirmation before deletion.  

In the second phase of our server clean up  members of our team (Nick Fillis, Ben Griffin and Emily Chandler) will reach out to individual departments and offices and request assistance in determining which of the flagged files can be deleted. If you have any questions specific to this process, we would be happy to answer.  

Continued Communication
If this information would be of interest to members of your team, please share this communication with them. If I can answer any questions, please let me know how I can assist. I will continue to send periodical updates via email and PUNN and we will continue to ask for feedback on the work-in-progress.

Much appreciated,
Tammy Spencer
AVP of Marketing & Communications

Posted by Tammy Spencer ( on Mar 18, 2013 at 10:25 AM

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