Internet Strategy Update: Provide Feedback on Top Navigation

Provide Feedback on Proposed Top Tier Navigation

As you know, our Internet Strategy work is well underway, kicking off this past November. The initiative, which has an aggressive 12 to 18 month timeline, takes us from discovery to launch of a new University website built using Drupal, an open source web-based Content Management System (CMS) platform. Here's an update on the work that has been done, next steps and an additional opportunity for you to provide input. 

A Google site is now available to share updates, including all documentation. The site now longer requires a password to review, and you can send feedback via email to

Top Tier Navigation Proposed
We invite you to view the top tier navigation that has been proposed and provide feedback over the next week, through April 10. At that time we will review the input, which will inform our next steps. View Top Tier Navigation Proposal. Feedback can be provide via the comments mechanism on the website, or if of interest, you can follow up directly with me. I would be happy to discuss with you. 

Phase 2
Phase 2 deliverables include personas, which were recently completed, after being shared with and informed by 100 Pacific community members, including students, alumni, faculty and staff. In addition, in this phase, we will create the taxonomy (site navigation), wire frames (precursor to the creative) and the creative.  

Current Website Maintenance
Part of the process for our in-house team is performing some maintenance and clean up on our web server in preparation for the transition to a new website. 

Ongoing Communication
If this information would be of interest to members of your team, please share this communication with them. If I can answer any questions, please let me know how I can assist. I will continue to send periodical updates via email, PUNN and Boxer Briefs and we will continue to ask for feedback on the work-in-progress.

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