Medical Insurance Waiver

Medical Insurance Waiver Deadline

Are you already covered by a medical insurance policy?  Remember that all students enrolled at Pacific are automatically billed for the University’s medical insurance plan.  If you are covered by a policy, a waiver MUST BE FILLED OUT ONLINE EACH SCHOOL YEAR.  This year’s deadline for undergraduates is August 13, 2013.  If you are arriving on campus early (i.e. participation in sports, a Voyages trip, or residence life staff), the deadline is August 6, 2013.  The medical insurance waiver can be found at  You will receive a confirmation code after submitting the waiver.  Keep it for your records!  You will be able to view the removal of the insurance charge on your Boxer Online account.  Please allow at least one week for processing.

Posted by Hope Villanueva ( on Jul 8, 2013 at 8:49 AM

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