CommonKnowledge Senior Project Writing Award Winners Announced

Three recent alumni honored for their senior project papers by the University Libraries.

The Pacific University Libraries has presented its inaugural CommonKnowledge Senior Project Writing Award to Rose Dahl '13, with honorable mention awarded to Taylor Brummett '13 and Joel Morrow '13. The awards recognize outstanding scholarship in senior capstone papers that are submitted to CommonKnowledge, Pacific University's institutional repository.

Dahl's winning paper, "Sticking to Your Moral Guns: Cultivating Intimacy and Constructing Codes of Conduct in Relationships Between Exotic Dancers and Their Regular Customers," presents original research into the relationships of exotic dancers, while Brummett proposes a criminal court model that addresses the unique needs of combat veterans who commit crimes, and Morrow examines the philosophical context of individuals' recognition of and response to the concept of ecological crisis.

All papers submitted for consideration have been added to the CommonKnowledge collections, and are available for anyone to read.  Papers were evaluated by a faculty panel based on their originality of thought, integration of relevant scholarship, and clarity of writing.

In this first year of the award, only senior projects that included a written component were eligible to compete (in future years, the award will be expanded to include projects in different formats).  For more information on the award, please visit the Libraries' website.



Posted by Isaac Gilman ( on Jul 9, 2013 at 3:14 PM

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