Pacific University Libraries Celebrate Banned Books Week

Pacific University's Forest Grove Campus Library will celebrate Banned Books Week with displays featuring books that have been the target of banning efforts.

"Think for yourself and let others do the same"

American Library Association motto for Banned Books Week 2011


Pacific University's Forest Grove Library will celebrate Banned Books Week with a display featuring books that have been the target of banning efforts. The display will feature both books that were successfully banned, as well as those that were saved from banning efforts.

Banned Books Week is an annual event that takes place nationwide and is led by the American Library Association.

According to the ALA:

"Intellectual freedom—the freedom to access information and express ideas, even if the information and ideas might be considered unorthodox or unpopular—provides the foundation for Banned Books Week.  BBW stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of unorthodox or unpopular viewpoints for all who wish to read and access them."

The display will be set up in the library from Saturday Sept. 21, to Friday, Oct. 4. While supplies last, there will also be free pins for visitors which say, "I read banned books" that have been provided by the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon.

To read more on the event, visit the ALA Banned Books Week website.

Take a look at the ALA’s list of frequently challenged books.

Watch “read-out” videos on YouTube.

Like the official Banned Books Week Facebook page.

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