Announcing MAJORFEST Slogan Winners

Drum roll please ... and the winner for the 2013 Majorfest Slogan contest is the Chinese Major Delegates slogan "Find your inner Chinese, we wanton you!"

More than 175 freshmen and sophomores attended MAJORFEST on Nov. 7, co-sponsored by the Career Development Center and the College of Arts and Sciences. Majorfest participants voted on their favorite slogan which was created by the major delegates — exemplary students nominated by faculty to represent their major. Slogans for the 2013 MAJORFEST posterboards include the following:

Anthropology – “The only job where you get paid to creep!”

Art – “How great thou art”

Biology – “Climbing the tree of life one phylum at a time.”

Business – “Mind your own BUSINESS!”

Chemistry – “We have all the solutions!”

*** WINNING SLOGAN Chinese – “Find your inner Chinese, we wanton you!”

Computer Science – “Smarter than a processor.”

Dental Hygiene – “We give you something to smile about!”

Economics – “Warning – Graphic Content”

Education – “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela”

Engineering – “Students Today, Engineering Tomorrow”

Environmental Studies – “Can you hear the Eco?!”

Exercise Science – “Active Minds, Active Bodies”

French – “Chanel, Descartes, Daft Punk … and You!”

History – “We only have to deal with dead people.”

International Studies – “Tour the world!”

Japanese – “I’m Huge in Japan!”

Literature – “We have a preposition for you.”

Mathematics – “Priming you so no one can divide your powers.”

Media Arts – “Media Arts Majors call the 'shots' (and get all the action)!”

Music – “Just Duet”

Philosophy – “Philosophy speaks for itself.”

Physics – “May the m°a be with you!”

Psychology – “Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open. – Thomas Dewar”

Public Health – “We’re not stealthy about being healthy”

Social Work – “Resilience, Advocacy, Empowerment, Social Work”

Sociology – “Sociology: Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s socialization.”

Theatre – “Drama is what literature does at night!”

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