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Boxer Toss Promotional Poster, circa 1932

This is the home of Pacific University's legendary mascot: The Boxer.

Boxer has represented Pacific's spirit, pride and honor for over a century. He is an embodiment of cultural diversity. Click the links below to learn more about Pacific's historically-rich symbol.

What is Boxer?
Is Boxer a dog or a dragon? Goat or lion? One thing is for certain: Boxer's nature is as elusive as the statue himself. More information

History of Boxer
Get a detailed account of Boxer's journey from China to Oregon, and his subsequent adventures in the hands of students at Pacific. More information

Boxer's Timeline
Check out the timeline for a quick reference on important dates in Boxer's history. More information

Boxer Bits and Pieces

Have you seen part of Boxer or heard the stories? More information

Boxer Sightings
Have you seen Boxer? Want to know where he could be, and what other students think of his current whereabouts? Check this page, and let us know if you've seen Boxer! More information

Boxer Stories
What does Boxer mean to you? If you have a story to share, tell us here, and read about what Boxer represents for others. More information