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Business Senior Capstone

City of Cornelius Rebranding Project - The Survey

Cornelius, the small city just east of Forest Grove, was in a quandary. With a new Wal-Mart coming to town and other growth anticipated, the city needed to modernize its brand, but lacked the $50,000 and up rebranding experts charge. Enter Pacific Business Professor Shelia Griffie, who is also a Cornelius resident and member of the city planning commission. Griffie suggested that her business class help out.
As a result, six Pacific students worked with the city to design and mail a survey, both in English and Spanish, which asks residents questions about how they perceive their home town and what changes they'd like to see. The survey was also available on the Internet. Some 630 people responded, with the majority of residents picking key words like "small," "multicultural," and "affordable." They said they'd like to see more festivals, music and sports and expressed worry about gangs and graffiti. All in all, the project was a great first step on branding research for city planners, while the Pacific seniors got to roll up their sleeves and apply class work to a real-life branding project. And, it's likely the process will continue with Griffie's next business class.
"I can unabashedly say that we achieved a level of success that nobody anticipated and I think we all took pride in knowing that we didn't just try and help a community, we actually did," said David McLean '11.