Business & Economics: Prepared for the Future

Recent Internships

Our students have participated recently in internships at Intel, Portland General Electric, First Investors and Enterprise Holdings.

Jordon Carter '12, Silverwood Theme Park, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Riley Wimminger '15, Perkins & Co., Portland, OR

Sergio Rojo '14, Jones & Roth, Hillsboro, OR

Mikka Nostdahl '13, KPMG, Portland, OR

Margo Duarte, Sweet Brier Inn & Suites, Management, Beaverton, OR

Anne Maddox, Department of Commerce, International Business, Portland, OR

Jeston Lazenby, Cornerstone Pub, Management, Forest Grove, OR

Stacy Palm, Hansen & Hunter Co., CPA's in accounting, Beaverton, OR

Aaron Mills, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Management, Hillsboro, OR

Erica Konno, King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center, Marketing, Honolulu, HI

Brian Harding, Talbot Korvola & Warwick, CPA's in accounting, Portland, OR

T.J. Szot, New Hampshire International Trade Resource Center, Finance, NH

Geoffrey Aoyagi, Department of Commerce, Economics, Portland, OR


Graduates from the department seek careers in a variety of fields. Many pursue advanced degrees in business, economics and law. Below is an illustration of positions held by recent graduates.

Robert Verant, Elk Cove Vineyard, Accountant, Gaston, OR

Brian Harding, KPMG, Portland, OR

Andrew Lukesh, Hoffman, Stewart & Schmidt, Portland, OR

William "B.J." Awa, University of HI, Travel Industry Management Graduate Program, Manoa, HI

Kristen Merrill, Intel, Beaverton, OR

Amanda Iverson, CPA Moss Adams, Portland, OR

Dan Bailey, Nike, Beaverton, OR

Jennifer Picola, Centennial Bank, Beaverton, OR

Dustin Kochis, Frito Lay, Portland, OR

Rebecca Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Boise, ID

George Vandehey, Stimson Lumber, Coeur D'Alene, ID

Jill Hatatanaka, David Schwindt CPA, Portland, OR

Tiffany Misner, Hanser Hunter & Company, Beaverton, OR

Jay Rigler, Waddell & Reed, Bozeman, MT

Ben Holscher, CPA Van Beek & Company, Portland, OR

Dawn Williams, Lowe Worldwide, New York, NY

Datton Khuu, Lord & Taylor, New York, NY