International Business

Students majoring in business administration at Pacific University may choose to take a concentration in international business. A major in business with an international business focus opens the door to a wide variety of careers, as well as graduate school opportunities. Students take a spectrum of business courses, as well as cross-disciplinary study in economics, politics, and cultural or language studies. The Department of Business Administration strives to develop broadly educated individuals who are flexible, skilled at solving problems, possess a diversity of viewpoints and are responsive to rapidly changing environments. Students work with academic advisors in the department to design a customized selection of elective courses that best fit their interests.

New College of Business

A new College of Business will be formally established at Pacific University beginning July 1, 2013. The mission of the College of Business is to educate enlightened leaders who foster imaginative and entrepreneurial organizations. College of Business

Program Highlights

  • Development of skills in critical thinking, problem solving and writing
  • Development of technical competency, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, ethics, and library and information literacy
  • A highly interactive and engaging classroom envi¬≠ronment which fosters lasting relationships between students and their professors
  • Substantial academic and career guidance, as well as a focus on the importance of international study experiences, research and student presentations
  • An abundance of off-campus internship opportunities in Oregon and across the country


Course work reflects the mission of the Department of Business Administration to develop graduates with the skills to effectively and efficiently manage organizations with responsible leadership. The department offers an unique and highly supportive learning environment, characterized by a relevant contemporary curriculum taught by engaged, highly respected and caring faculty.

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City of Cornelius Rebranding Project, Cornelius, the small city just east of Forest Grove, was in a quandary. With a new Wal-Mart coming to town and other growth anticipated, the city needed to modernize its brand, but lacked the $50,000 and up rebranding experts charge.

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