Research & Practice Symposium

May 2, 2014, 8:00 AM
Tuality Health Education Center

Technology and Occupation: Implications for Future Practice and Science, by Roger O. Smith, PhD, OT FAOTA, RESNA Fellow. Plus, Innovative Community Practice Projects and Case Studies

Technology and Occupation: Implications for Future Practice and Science

Occupational therapists have been technologists since the beginning of the profession. Meaningful occupation rarely exists without technology and the meaningful use of technology is never without an occupational context. In fact, this uniqueness differentiates occupational therapy from other professions.

Dr. Roger Smith discusses this fundamental relationship, both for its direct implications on OT practice and on a metaphysical level. The symbiotic relationship of technology and occupation demands that the profession constantly and relentlessly update itself. Dr. Smith posits that as technology advances, OT practice, research and professional preparation must keep pace or we will become obsolete.

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