Ed Asner as FDR

Apr 21, 2013, 4:30 PM
McCready Hall, Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center, 2014 Cedar Street

The show is SOLD OUT. The Pacific University Performing Arts Series presents its special event of the 2012-13 season: Ed Asner as FDR.

Ed Asner as FDR | Special Event

Asner is best known for his character Lou Grant, who was first introduced on the The Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970. In 1977, after the end of The Mary Tyler Moore show, Asner’s character was given his own show, Lou Grant, which ran from 1977-1982.

Asner is also known for his acclaimed role as Captain Davies, from the mini-series Roots  a role that earned Asner an Emmy Award. This one-man show takes us through Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s White House years including the Depression, the steps leading up to WWII and the war years. Asner shows us why this president was known as “that man in the White House,” scorned by many and admired by most.

We see and hear his fireside chats; his controversial packing of the Supreme Court; his personal life with Eleanor and his discreet but definite affair with Lucy Mercer; hiscourage to break the Neutrality Act; his manipulation of Congress (in order to get the  country to have a draft); the Pearl Harbor controversy and the benevolent dictatorship he called the presidency from 1933–44, which made him the first man in history to be elected to four terms.

Ed Asner is magnificent as FDR and delivers a fearless performance of this dynamic and powerful world leader.

Tickets available by calling the box office 503-352-2918 from 1 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sponsored by Tuality Healthcare and Best Western University Inn & Suites.

Pre-Show Reception

A pre-show gathering for members of the Golden Guard, Heart of the Oak and Trombley Society will take place in the lobby of Berglund Hall starting at 3 p.m.

The event is free but advance registration is required for planning purposes.

To register, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations by phone or email at 503-352-2057 or alumni@pacificu.edu.

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