Info Meeting: Travel to Kenya in 2014

Mar 14, 2013, 3:00 PM
The Milky Way

An information meeting describing the Seminar on Globalization: Africa's Experience in Kenya, January 2014, will be held Thursday, March 14th, 3-4:30 pm at The Milky Way. Contact Dr. Richard Paxton (

Info Meeting: Travel to Kenya

Presented by Prof. Richard Paxton (COE).

Experience the Great Rift Valley of Africa, view wildlife, visit schools and social service agencies.

Information meeting: 

Date:  Thur., March 14th

Time:  3-4:30 pm

Place:  The Milky Way


  Pacific University students will take part in a two-week study abroad seminar in East Africa. This multidisciplinary, course is lead by the faculty of Egerton University, Kenya. Located in the Great Rift Valley, Egerton University hosts some 8,000 students and features a large, secure campus. Study areas may include topics such as Kenyan history and culture; regional development and the impact of globalization on East Africa; economic, social and political issues; ethnic and sociological issues in contemporary Kenyan society; issues in sustainable agricultural, natural resource, wildlife and environmental management; the African Union; development through government, faith-based or other Non-Government Organizations; issues in primary and alternative health care; education and human services; and introductory Swahili Language.


Egerton University is in the town of Njoro, about 15 miles from well-known wildlife sanctuary Lake Nakuru National Park. Students will stay on the Egerton campus, living and studying amongst East African students and professors. Daytime excursions will expose students to schools, social service agencies, farms, businesses, wildlife and various Kenyan institutions.



If you are interested, contact Dr. Richard Paxton (




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