Noon Tunes: Edewaard

Sep 12, 2013, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Trombley Square

Bring your lunch and enjoy music outdoors every Thursday in September. Edewaard is an indie Rock n' Roll band from Eugene, Oregon. Their debut album released in March of 2013, "Never Take Back", sold out and continues to do well on iTunes.

Edeward is an indie alternative Rock n' Roll band from Eugene, Ore., though all of its members hail from Springfield. The name derived from its founding member, lead singer and songwriter, Matther Edewaard, although the band itself consists of four other extremely talented members: Jered Pound, Jason Ibrao, Brennon Lovejoy and Katie Peters. Their debut album, "Never Take Back" was released in March of 2013. Within a couple months the CDs were sold out and continue to do well on iTunes and other various sites including Pandora. Because of its diverse array of members, the musical influences are countless and immeasuable. Their sole purpose is to deliver versatile, theatrical, ambiguous (yet identifiable) music for all ages and many walks of life. The songwriting and comraderie of the band is what tends to separate them from the ego-driven contemporary artists of the digital age. Stay tuned for many shows across the West Coast and enjoy!

"We're just here to play Rock n' Roll music and we're absolutely grateful for our fans and followers. We love you all!"

ACE Board sponsors Noon Tunes every Thursday in September as an opportunity for students to listen to live local music and soak in the last of the sun together.

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