Noon Tunes: Rocket 3

Sep 26, 2013, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Trombley Square

Bring your lunch and enjoy music outdoors every Thursday in September. Lead singer, Ramune, writes poetic vignettes of life's struggles and recently taught songwriting at a Rock Camp. Rocket 3's live shows are a must see musical experience.

Rocket 3 is Portland's hottest & coolest rock trio.

Ramune plays electric guitar and sings. Her songs are poetic vignettes of life’s struggles presented against an energetic backdrop of distorted electric guitar, driving bass lines, and rock n roll drums. She is a relative newcomer to music, having just starting playing music in 2010. Ramune released her debut album, a six song EP called Truth and Beauty, as a solo artist in 2011. In 2012 she formed a band, Rocket 3, with Vytas and Drew.

Ramune's brother, Vytas Nagisetty, plays bass and sings backup vocals. He has a professional background in jazz, classical, and world music. Rocket 3 live shows include his mind-bending improvisational interludes that defy imagination, yet seem completely at home in the rock trio format.

Andrew Anymouse plays drums. He is a professional geek, a former runway model (haha, true), and a man who loves to wear animal hats and animal ears. Drew provides entertainment value. He is also an incredible drummer. Rocket 3 live shows are a must-have experience — full of unpretentious sincerity, disarming silliness, and compelling musicianship.

Recording engineer and producer, Matt Jefferson, is the invisible fourth band member. His influence has been essential in band development.

The six songs from Ramune’s debut EP, Truth and Beauty, can be downloaded for free. The EP is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Rhapsody. The new demos will be released as part of a full length album in 2013. Don’t miss the cover songs (click on ‘more songs’ to see all the songs), which include White Rabbit and other classics.

ACE Board sponsors Noon Tunes every Thursday in September as an opportunity for students to listen to live local music and soak in the last of the sun together.

ACE Board: Activities. Culture. Engaging Entertaintment.
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