InfantSEE Campus Program

Nov 11, 2013, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Taylor Meade Performing Arts Center

Students, staff and faculty are invited to hear actor Tom Sullivan speak and to learn about InfantSEE, a program providing free eye care to infants.

The Pacific University College of Optometry invites students, staff and faculty, particularly in optometry, health professions or education, to learn about InfantSEE, a public health program providing eye care for infants.

Actor, entertainer and author Tom Sullivan, who has been blind since shortly after birth, will bring his motivational message to the Pacific University community, as he also raises awareness of InfantSEE.

InfantSEE is a program of the American Optometric Association Foundation, promoting eye and vision care as a part of infant wellness care. Through InfantSEE, optometrists provide comprehensive eye assessments to infants in their first year of life, for free, regardless of income. All Pacific EyeClinics, as well as many College of Optometry alumni, are participants in InfantSEE. Families can search for providers, by zip code, at

For more information on this talk or the Pacific University College of Optometry, contact Marcie Brown at or 503-352-3194.


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