goLITE Light Therapy Box

The human body uses light cues, such as those provided by the sun, to time certain internal functions. When our circadian rhythm becomes imbalanced, the body produces the wrong hormones, chemicals, and neurotransmitters at the wrong time of the day. The results range from feeling of sadness to sleeplessness as well as loss of appetite. Many people suffer from a loss of energy and mood. For many, these feelings come on stronger in the winter and in darker climates.

BLUEWAVE technology helps shift circadian rhythms back to their normal pattern by delivering a specifically engineered wavelength, color, and intensity of light that stimulates the production of key substances triggered by the brain. BLUEWAVE naturally affects the body by shifting the body clock to its correct timing, causing the proper signals to be produced at the right time of day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use the goLITE?

30 minutes is the recommended time frame for use. This can be every day, or as often as you can fit it in. The light should be 20-30 inches from you, and does not need to shine on your face (it works well on any exposed skin – believe it or not, behind the knees is one of the best!)

You can move the goLITE over near our massage chair and listen to a relaxation exercise or music while the goLITE is working.

Do I have to take off my glasses when I use the goLITE?

No. This specialized type of light is designed to work with or without glasses.

Are there any major side effects?

The goLITE is safe when used according to recommendations. There have been some reports of temporary headaches or nausea. This is usually resolved by sitting further away from the unit.

Can I get sunburn from using the goLITE?

No. While typical fluorescent bulbs produce small amounts of UV light, BLUEWAVE Technology eliminates all UV light that is responsible for sunburns.