Campus Wellness

Stress Management


You're not yet at the point where you need to change the activities in your life, but your current stress level still feels unmanageable. Sometimes doing a deep breathing exercise now and then is not enough, and you need to actively manage the stress in your life.


Self-care is the key component to stress management. You need to add in time to actively work on your relaxation practice. If that means taking a little less time studying for Organic Chemistry, we promise you that it will make your retention when you DO study that much better.

Find the type of relaxation practice that works best for you. Use our stress relief materials to take you through the kinds of relaxation out there, and pick one. To actively manage your stress, you will need to commit to practicing 20 minutes a day, 3-5 times per week - at least for the first three weeks. If that sounds like a lot, remember that without stress management you aren't giving your best right now as it is. Reducing the stress in your body will help you be a better student, employee, and friend - as well as a happier person.

Use the Oasis space tools - biofeedback or relaxation exercises might be the key to your stress management.

Does it feel like this is not enough? You may need to look more closely at some of our Life Management tools.