Departments and Categories

Adding one or more categories to your CANS stories will help the system match your content with audiences. Items from each category usually display on one or more webpages, but can also appear on other online resources too.

Adding the PUNN or Boxer Briefs categories to your story will submit it for approval on those email lists respectively.

Editorial Approval

Once added to a category, each CANS item must be approved by a publisher in order to appear in applicable locations. If you are a publisher for the category in question, your item will automatically be approved for that category.

There are two primary roles for users in cans: Writers and Publishers. Writers can submit items, but cannot approve them for the public. Publishers can do everything a writer can, but also have the ability to approve articles for public viewing.

Departmental Categories

If you wish to add items for your department via CANS, get authorization from the head of your department, then contact the Webteam. Please specify the role you plan to fill in your request. If your department does not yet have a CANS category, the Webteam can add it.

CANS Feeds

Calendar feeds are automatically updated with the latest events in your category. Similarly, News feeds always show the most recent announcements. Older, less relevant content will gradually fall out of scope automatically. CANS feeds can also be used in a special calendar mode: see the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Calendar for more details. If any of your departmental pages needs a CANS feed, contact the Webteam and we will look into your request.


Send your requests and/or questions to the Webteam (