Pacific University News Network

PUNN (Pacific University News Network) is a weekly electronic periodical powered by CANS. The PUNN consists of timely announcements and events relevant to the University as well as the local community. This includes events that are important to Pacific University's major audiences, but do not necessarily have the same external focus as items appearing on the homepage. You can use CANS to suggest items for inclusion into PUNN.

Publication Dates and Times

PUNN is sent out via email on each Tuesday morning, generally around 8:30.

Adding Stories to PUNN

Be sure to add the 'PUNN' category to your news or calendar item before submitting it. This will mark your story for review by our editorial staff. If approved, your story will be included in the next issue of PUNN. Check the departments and categories guide for more information about categories.


Feel free to contact the Webteam ( if you have any questions about PUNN.

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