Pathways Profiles

Chris Lee
Class of 2008
First Steps
I originally started out as a Political Science major until one day I struck up a conversation with Matt Muralt, a Managing Director who is also a Pacific alum, and was offered an interview with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. They immediately offered me an internship position with the company.

Choices and Challenges
I soon found out that I really enjoyed this type of work and it was something I quickly excelled in. Soon after, I changed my major to Business with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. The Northwestern Mutual Financial Network is one the largest and most successful insurance and investment firms in the nation. Their main office is based out of Milwaukee, WI and the internship program is ranked in the top 10 programs across the US.

Finding A Pathway
When I first began this internship I struggled, I was paid only on a commission basis and was responsible for my own cliental. I spent my time meeting with clients giving financial and insurance advice. From working with my clients I realized that what I was doing was very important; when you help someone else it makes you feel good, I am constantly looking for ways to better myself and others. I soon learned that by putting my heart and the time into my work, building up essentially my own business, became easier and more enjoyable. I love working with people and I am happy for the opportunities to meet new people everyday with great stories. I really appreciated how much flexibility I was given and the amount of support I received from my Managing Director and my professors at Pacific.

I was the 21st ranked college intern in the nation out of about 1300 other students and I was the top intern in Oregon. Since I have excelled in this internship I was hired on for a full time position in December. I always thought I would return to Hawaii after graduating, but I feel the opportunities here are far better. Since I have found something so great here, I see no reason to leave anytime soon. I love Oregon and think it is one of the greatest places to live! I want to thank all my professors in the Business department at Pacific for teaching me everything I needed to know for this internship and for my future career. Ultimately I want to be a Certified Financial Planner and just continue on the path I’ve already begun.